Crimson and Black goodness

Originally posted at GameSpot on January 23, 2008

Yesterday it came.

Ah, the smell of a new DS Lite. I had it delivered to work, so I could only open it and stare. Got it home and after the kids were down to bed I was able to play some Mario Kart DS (which was a present from my wife before the system even arrived – how great is she?!). Really enjoyed it; not only is there some great track design with new and retro courses, but the items and characters are better than ever. I still fondly remember Mario Kart 64, and this title not only built on that love but added to it.

Still, at this point, I can’t believe I have the system. I’m also surprised at the small size, even though I’ve seen the DS Lite before. Simply put, it’s sleek, cool, and I can’t wait to get more games for it.

It’s already got me thinking about the game possibilities. Now armed with a portable system, I can play anywhere. It’s going to be fun to see how that plays out over time. Bus stops? Restroom stalls? Oh, it’s on now. . .

Post tenebras lux

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