The New Adventures of the Bros. Mario

Originally posted to GameSpot on February 22, 2008

There aren’t many positives when it comes to being sick, but playing the New Super Mario Brothers would have to be one of them. I’ve heard good things about the game and played the mini-games with a friend, but this was my first real chance to go through the single-player campaign.

In short, it’s fantastic. Since I’m currently playing through Super Mario World, I feel like I have something to compare it to – and I’m very impressed. The graphics are outstanding, the level design fun, and the time meter is longer! Just that last point alone means I’m having more fun with this game than the other.

So far I’m on World 3, and after finding the warp at the end of the World 2 castle I also have access to World 4.

I really enjoy the old school feel to the game. Fighting Bowers at the first castle on the drawbridge was a nice touch, and even some of the old platforms that were in the original Super Mario Brothers make a comeback.

Most games give me a feeling, and the feeling I get from this one is it’s something I’ll be able to enjoy and re-play for a long time to come. Much like Super Mario Brothers 3, this will be a game I can always pick up and know it will be just as fun as I first time I played it.

Post tenebras lux

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