An elegant weapon for a more civilized age

Originally posted at GameSpot on February 29, 2008

A new GameStop opened up near our home, and I thought I’d help their bottom line by buying a game. I mean, it’s the least I can do, right?

Anyway, after making my way through the games – enhanced by the new carpet smell – I settled on Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga for the DS. It’s been a while since I’ve had a new Star Wars game, and I’m enjoying it so far.

There’s no real fear of dying in the game, you just go through the various levels at your own pace and collect the bricks. This highlights an area of gaming that I haven’t really been a part of before, and that’s the “casual” block. I know that term gets kicked around a lot – and I won’t define it here – but the game is fun, and almost relaxing in a way. It’s really just fan service if you enjoy Star Wars (or Legos, for that matter).

And if you don’t enjoy either of those, then I think you have some serious issues you need to work through.

Post tenebras lux

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