New Super Mario Brothers – play this thing!

Originally posted at GameSpot on February 25, 2008

February 23, 2008, around 11:30 PM – Defeated Bowser to beat the New Super Mario Brothers game on the DS. I’m proud (or maybe I should be ashamed) to say it’s the first Mario game I’ve ever beaten completely on my own. I’ve had some help on the other games from either strategy guides or Game Genie (remember those?), but this time it was just me and my wits against Bowser Jr. and his crew.

This game has garnered a lot of praise, and I’m here to say it’s completely justified. Everything you remember loving about the world-famous plumber and his 2-D adventures can be found in spades here, from colorful worlds to excellent music. I haven’t had this much fun since Super Mario Brothers 3, and as I’ve mentioned in a previous blog this game will have a ton of replay value for me.

They say it’s not the destination, but the journey – and the New Super Mario Brothers proves that point. Standing in front of the final castle in World 8 was bittersweet, since I knew this was the end. Truly a great game and highly recommendable to anyone! Go out there and play this thing!

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