A 3 hour tour … Yoshi’s Island complete

Originally posted at GameSpot on August 27, 2010

Back on July 3rd, 2009 I beat Yoshi’s Island with my wife and oldest daughter watching – both cheering me on!

The final battle was more epic than I expected, and a real sense of accomplishment came from beating the last boss.

With the cute visuals and bright colors I thought this would be a nice little game, something to enjoy and then move on. But the levels were well done, good variety, and overall I cared about playing/beating the game more than I thought I would.

If the test of how good a game is means you want to play the sequel, then Yoshi’s Island delivered. Who knew throwing a dinosaur’s unborn young could be so much fun?

(That joke taken from a recent Game Informer magazine – credit where credit is due!)

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