Ladies’ Night means Modern Combat

Originally posted to GameSpot on April 30, 2008

This past Friday (April 25th) was Ladies’ Night for our church group. That meant the guys were stuck at home with the kids.

Now, I use the term “stuck” very loosely, because – while it can be a little more stressful with kids – hanging out with your friends is hanging out with your friends. So, we were able to talk, eat, and just have a good time in general.

That’s all well and good, but how does this night relate to games? Ah, here’s the part where we come to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. After the kiddos went to bed, this allowed a few of us to head to the basement for some FPS action. I’ve never played the game before, so I was looking forward to seeing it.

To put it simply, it was fun. I was able to hang in there with the guys I was playing against, and that always makes things easier. Nothing is worse then playing with a new group and getting blown away. Dying every ten seconds can easily become boring.

I had two impressions from the game. First: what’s the big deal? Yes the graphics look nice, but really – is it that better than every other war-themed first-person shooter? We only played multiplayer that night, but that’s what seems to be the major selling point of the game anyway. Second: the more I played, the more I saw why this is such a highly rated game. The weapons handled expertly, from the sniper to grenades. The knife swipe was a nice touch as well! The environments were all well done, with some of the indoor sections of the maps making for some intense action.

My verdict? A great game, one that seems pretty standard at first but begins to prove the hype the more you play. I had the feeling that the more time I played the game, the more appreciation I would have for it.

I also had the feeling that I wanted to play with more people! There were only two of us set up, but to see a match with more people would have been great.

Someday, I hope to play this game on my own Xbox 360. Of course, that will be when our economy has reverted back to the barter system. “I’ll give you three sheep for that 360!”

Post tenebras lux

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