Modcast Bulletin (Ep. 1)

I originally posted this in the Halo Waypoint forums (see it here), but put it below for my own record as well.

If you haven’t heard the Modcast yet – what’s wrong with you? Don’t worry – all will be well when you head over here.

This was the first Halo Waypoint Community Modcast, broadcast on 10.8.11.

First things first – thank you to CruelLEGACEY, GrimBrother One and SirPwn4g3 for putting the Modcast together. Appreciate the time put into it.

I really enjoyed the vibe – I felt like I was sitting around the living room (or in a heated, cramped closet – you know what I mean, SirP?) with you guys, talking about everyone’s favorite universe related to ringed orbital installations.

Will that happen in real life someday? I hope so, but for now the virtual living room couch works just fine.

Onto what was discussed – here’s what stood out to me, broken down into two categories:

Appreciated points

CruelLEGACY’s explanation (about 30 minutes in) of how different people aim, and how that probably affects their feelings on bloom.

I don’t personally get all the angst associated with bloom, but if you’re leaving your reticle centered and sidestepping to aim maybe it would make more of a difference.

However, he also brought out that you still have to be accurate no matter how you aim – which ties into my “not getting all the angst” comment.

CruelLEGACY’s point about the trend of some to think that the DMR should equal the Battle Rifle when it comes to power and use.

I realized I was in this camp … but probably would have denied it if you’d asked me. I fire away in close quarters with the DMR, thinking that if I just had better aim I would win more of the stand offs.

While having better aim always helps, perhaps I should switch to something more suited for close range? Good food for thought.

GrimBrother One on how the community continues to grow, and yet in some ways on the ground level as well.

To me, that means this is a great time to be a Halo fan – good times already established, yet room to grow.

(Here’s where I made a shameless plug for this site :-))

Quotes worth repeating

– With Halo the evolution doesn’t seem to necessary negate the fun or the need of a previous game – GrimBrother One

Never said better. So often the early entries in a series lose their luster; not this time.

– Needle Rifle with zero bloom is God crystals – GrimBrother One
Fear the pink!

– And if a toddler can pull the trigger, you’re going to get killed by him because there’s no bloom – SirPwn4g3
There are plenty of toddlers that can take me out, bloom or not.

– Dude, they were actually helping you out – GrimBrother One
Grim’s (I think) very accurate take on why bloom was even represented in the first place

– I responded and then took a poop –GrimBrother One
You’ll have to listen to the Modcast to get the context, but I think it’s just as powerful without it.

– Say you need it!  

– I need it!  

– Now go get that DMR!

– AAAaaaaaaaahhhhhhHHH!!

Warren and Cobra, training in Season 2, Episode 1 Up In The Sky on Playtime.

This wasn’t in the Modcast, but with all the talk of bloom and the DMR I couldn’t get this out of my head!

Now there’s an idea – a Warren or Cobra special guest appearance? I think we’ve just entered a new dimension of awesome.

In wrap up, the first Modcast was impressive content on a great platform. Looking forward to the next!


>>>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]

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