Modcast Bulletin (Ep. 2)

Originally posted this in the Halo Waypoint forums, but put it below for my own record as well.

If you haven’t heard the Modcast yet – what’s wrong with you? Don’t worry – all will be well when you head over here.

This was the second Halo Waypoint Community Modcast, broadcast on 10.22.11.

Thank you to all those who put the second Modcast together; it was great to hear everyone (seven total … coincidence?) and put some faces … er … voices to the names we get to see around here.

I said it for the last Modcast and it’s worth saying again here – love the vibe.

Here’s what I thought, broken down into two points:

Appreciated points:

Hearing a short summary of how everyone made their way to Halo was a nice touch. That’s important to me because while there is certainly more to everyone than Halo, it’s the relationship of that game to all of us that brought us together – so the starting point is important.

It’s getting closer: Halo CE Anniversary continues its trek towards release and everyone’s starting to feel it.

I appreciated how there were several mods who had the healthy “I’m sure I’ll like it but I’m not crazy about it” response as opposed to my “I will have this game and it will take me to new heights of rapture” response.

However, as often happens with awesome, it cannot be contained. It seems everyone is pretty much on board with the “new heights of rapture” take. 🙂

Custom challenges through Waypoint were announced recently. The mods hit a few things related to this as far as possible boosting w/friends, a cap that could be introduced to limit such boosting, etc.

I liked the idea that was brought of up giving those players that enjoy the campaign more love; custom campaign challenges could do a lot to help get some credits out there, and I’m always in favor of that.

Rukizzel liked the idea of not being boxed in when it comes to the daily challenges – the custom challenges would let every day be Firefight Thursday (which is fine by me!)

My own rabbit trail on this – I could see the point that the daily challenges as they stand force the player to mix it up and try new things, but that player is definitely more hardcore for the challenges than I am.

If the challenges for any given day are something that I don’t enjoy doing, then I’m not going to head to that game type to do get said challenges.

Now, if you give me an enormous amount of cR for a little work, I’ll do any game type you want …

Moving on to Waypoint ATLAS – a real-time top-down view of your team and weapon placement on the maps. GrimBrother One thought this might be a prelude to a similar but more robust feature in Halo 4; that possibly this version of ATLAS was a stepping stone to bigger and better in the future.

What about ATLAS though? It was brought up that maybe this could be a two person effort, one person watching and updating the other as he or she plays. (This reminded me of the Chief and Cortana working together.)

But is this better than seeing the call signs above your teammates already? I’m not so sure yet.

Lightning wrap up

CruelLEGACEY has a six player co-op conspiracy theory. He also sings a mean rendition of Don’t Stop Believin’

The point was made that game sequels give you a chance to work on innovation; when you’ve got the core experience right, you have time for the rest.

Glasslands will be out soon – get ready kids!

What do you do when you’re in a hot battle zone? You take off your helmet and talk dramatically, that’s what!

Catwoman’s whip (of Batman: Arkham City fame) has bloom. Who knew?

I enjoyed it and looking forward to number three.


>>>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]

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