Modcast Bulletin (Ep. 3)

This Modcast originally broadcast on 11.3.11

With the fourth Modcast already out, this post can be put squarely in the belated category, with one addition … belatedly awesome!

Thank you to the CL’s for putting this together – as I soak in more and more of the community and all that is out there for people like me who enjoy Halo, I’ve come to appreciate these casts more and more.

I no longer dread the long drive to work – I’ve got a virtual couch where Halo is discussed and the time flies by! So again, thank you to all those involved.

On to my thoughts and great quotes from Modcast #3:

Appreciated points

Weapons have become blander over time, and I completely agree with that point. This was brought up in relation to other games, and how the weapons all end up being the same.

The great thing about Halo (and CE introduced us to this) is the rock/paper/scissors (CruelLEGACEY’s illustration) feel the weapons have, and how there are several methods you can come up to beating any given situation.

This is a key element into what makes the games so fun, and the replay value shoots through the roof.

Your sidestepping ability is faster in CE than any other Halo game, and this leads to more flanking combat than you might remember. This was UNSC Warhead’s point and a good one. Many battles in the more recent games are more head-on, wide-open encounters.

I’ll be looking to notice this specifically when playing Anniversary next week. Yes!

Playing through the game again in Anniversary will be great with what we know now. All the additional fiction and history that has been built around the Halo universe since CE originally came out means, at least for me, that it will be even more epic this time around.

Oops! I crapped my pants! I’m not sure who made this joke, but I did watch SNL back in the mid-90s (when it was funny) and this references one of the greatest shorts they did. Whoever you are, it was a well-placed and hilarious reference, despite the lack of reaction you got on air 🙂

Quotes worth repeating

How could you ever turn down free ham? – CruelLEGACEY’s wonders how GrimBrotherOne can do this thing. While I have no context, I have to agree … turn down free ham? Ludicrous.

How could a spoiler be ten years old? – Rukizzel’s response to the fact that those listening will hear spoilers on Anniversary.

No one uses the tank for exploring. – GrimBrotherOne lays out the cold, hard truth – in the tank, you blow stuff up.

He was talking about the tank in something like the Battlefield series as compared to the Warthog, a vehicle that lets you shoot at stuff and explore.

The other thing about this second level that we haven’t really touched on yet is that it’s our first encounter with Forerunner architecture. (CL)

And the sniper rifle. (RK)

Some see towering structures as a nod to a larger universe, others as obstacles that can be peaked around in order to snipe some fool To each his own!

Well, to be honest, breaking out a 14.7 mm sniper rifle isn’t my idea of sneaking – UNSC Warhead points out that while stealth in idea, the sniper rifle is power weapon all the way baby!

You can tune into any podcast I’m ever on for a Banshee rant – GrimBrotherOne. As I listen to more and more, I’m have to agree with this self-assessment.

I thought that Master Chief was a criminal. – In playing the game the first time through when he was a kid, UNSC Warhead put together the fact that this super soldier was locked up during a crisis because he was a criminal. It makes a lot of sense and I liked the way his brain put that together. My younger of self wouldn’t have done so much

Probably 90% of Keye’s badass-ery never happens in the game. – GrimBrotherOne says so, and I believe him. I’m speaking to myself first, but read/listen to the book people!

Man I hate him. I want him to die. I killed him so many times. I’ve tea bagged him. I’ve fragged him. I’ve shot him. I’ve stabbed him. No I haven’t, but I wish I would’ve stabbed him. Uh-huh. I wish I could just throw his body down in the chasm. (UNSC)

Anybody else with less disturbing things to say? (CL)

This is in reference to the Zealot Elite on the Silent Cartographer level; I hate that guy too, although apparently not as much.

CL’s response was classic.

Lots of great quotes/discussion on this one, and onto Modcast #4!


>>>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]


  1. I remember this episode fondly, the day I boldly said “oops I craped my pants” and got nothing in response. At least I can count on someone to be up on quality SNL info!


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