Modcast Bulletin (Ep. 5)

This Modcast was originally broadcast on 12.1.11

The “Modcast #5” achievement*** has been unlocked, and it was totally worth it!

As with the last Modcast, there were too many good things said to record quotes in here so that will be a separate post … enjoy!

Appreciated points:

Updated visuals take you there – CruelLEGACEY brought out the point that the updated graphics give you much more of the nostalgia than you would think. How does this happen? When playing the campaign through with the old graphics, you can’t help having a little bit of a detached feel – hey, it’s ten years old – detachment is understandable!

But with the Anniversary, you’re free to feel exactly how you did ten years ago – your brain has the same “this looks awesome” track playing in your head over and over …

Speaking of visuals – the general consensus was the environment graphic update was strong, really strong. Environments are a big part of the game for me, and the fact that the set pieces were nailed does a lot to make this game shine.

Also in consensus was the fact that the character models were not as strong, but only in specific areas. The Chief himself (see “tiny hands” quote in next post), some candy-stripe Elites, and Installation 04 (yes, it counts as a character!) were mentioned.

Since it’s my post I get to throw my two credits in and I agree about the Chief, don’t mind the Elites, and for some reason feel strongly about Alpha Halo’s new do – why the fins? 🙂

Notes on the page – Anniversary’s music has been discussed in several places, but for Modcast #5 the thought was that the music was excellent taken by itself, but when compared to the original recording it lacked some teeth – not as robust/powerful when it came to the big themes.

As CL pointed out music is such a personal thing, so it’s not really a category of right vs. wrong but more of what you prefer. Of course, no one (including myself) believes that line of thinking when they know they’re right … 🙂

The hills are alive, with the … – the Mods all agreed that the over the top sounds fit right in with the game; you really feel like you’re using something powerful when you pull the trigger.

Even on my older tube TV I can tell the difference; I usually go for the one-and-done kills (rocket, shotgun, etc.) but the Assault Rife sounds so good/powerful I’ve been using it more just for the quantity of rounds. Yes!

Das Kalk gave some good context to the sound discussion – often modern shooters make the weapons sound a little weak, so the Halo’s effects sound all the better.

Shhhhh! People are trying to read! – DK’s favorite level is “The Library” for the simple reason you get to mow down waves of Flood simply because they’re there. Plus the redesign in Anniversary makes it look all pretty.

For my part, I don’t remember the Library level being any harder than the others. When I have a low skill level at something, it ends up being across the board. Both the “easiest” and “hardest” levels will involve me losing an exorbitant amount of lives, no matter the difficulty setting. Yeah consistency!

Jump now! … wait … okay now! – CL brought up the controller latency, and also the fact that it goes away when you switch to classic mode. This may cause a little bit of an adjustment if you’re coming from playing a lot of Reach (as I am), but he also stressed it’s not enough to hurt the experience.

Rukizzel’s counter-point was you could simply jump a half-second sooner. I can just hear someone thinking “I’ve jumped that way for ten years and I refuse to change!” as I type … 🙂

Have your cake and shoot it too – there was a great discussion about the playlist changes/updates/options and how they all work – or how they don’t work – depending on your opinion of them.

Should we have more or less? Is it confusing or just giving people more options? I tend to agree with the “playlists are about game types and not different weapon behavior” argument, but I can see both sides. (Note: when I see the other side it looks much uglier than my side. 🙂 )

A testing ground – CruelLEGACEY had a good point that the list updating/tweaking is probably a testing ground for what 343 has in mind for Halo 4, a “pre-Beta Beta” as he mentioned.

A Land of Timbers – Timberland was brought up as a lot of fun, especially since many people had never played it before.

I’m in that camp and completely agree – carnage and pine trees! What else can one want?

Halo:Battlefront – there are certain events in the universe that need to happen, and this is one of them. Yes, I would like to spawn next to a Warthog and drive it across the map to a Sabre then fly up to a waiting UNSC frigate where a group of use take off in a Pelican and board a Covenant carrier. Yes, I would like to do that.

Ranking up – GrimBrother Ones bought out something great about Reach, and that’s the fact that achievements/unlockables are not tied to your skill so much as they’re tied to your love of the game.

The sequence goes like this: You love Reach = You play Reach = You rank up. As someone who recently hit Field Marshall (yes!) it’s something I’m proud of not because of a number that I can compare to others, but because it’s a direct reflection of my time spent there.

“But,” you say, “you’re just saying that because you know your rank would be -34!” Yes, that’s true as well. Hmmm. If only there were A place wheRe people could go who carEd that much about a Number that denoted skill … A place where those who love the thrill of the leader board could congregate … maybe someday … 😉

Thanks for reading – quotes to come!

*** = Modcasts are in no way officially tied to achievements … yet!

Quotes Worth Repeating

Ladies and Gentlemen, the verbal assault that was Modcast #5 – enjoy!

I get paid in chicken wings … and for those of you counting at home that’s four minutes.

Rukizzel. (Actually, three minutes/seven seconds …)

Damn Banshees

GrimBrother One at the 6:40 mark. I am issuing a custom challenge to both RK and GBO: who can get mention their topic first! Winner gets 15,000 cR! ***

It doesn’t feel like a 10 year old game, which is a testament to how it was designed in the first place.

Das Kalk on the awesome craftsmanship that is/was Halo Combat Evolved

With Halo, there’s always a reason to go back …

GrimBrother One’s great point that no matter what game it is in the series, there’s always something to do when you go back and have a play through. This is in contrast to other game series where once you get the new game for that year, there’s no reason to go back and play past entries.

I would have to disagree – I play Madden 2002 all the time …

That blue goop needs to be blue

Per Rukizzel, goop should only come in one color. And that color is blue.

You’re there to mow down, like, complete waves of popcorn.

Das Kalk on the reason you’re at The Library. It’s not to read books people!

One-shot it with the pistol it’s just a flesh wound

Per GBO, the equation goes like this: Hunter + Black Knight from Monty Python = Anniversary Hunter

It’s the fins

GrimBrother One on why the new look for Installation 04 looks a little off in Anniversary.

I go classic mode for the menu

Why you ask? See the above quote from the same person 🙂

His hands are tiny!

CruelLEGACEY notices the Master Chief’s new set of gloves. Wait, was that really CL who said that? If you listen again you can hear Cobra in there …

Who sent the jaundice Sangheili to protect the ring?

GBO on the Elites new coloring

Or just jump a quarter-second earlier.

Rukizzel on what to do about the controller latency.

I will say, I’m glad I’m not nearly good enough for this to matter.

GBO on his prospects; he will die the same no matter what the shield strength, bleed level, or whatever

I would pay full price for a Rogue Squadron remake in the Halo universe

DK with a fantastic idea. If you listen, you can hear a chorus of thousands agree …

Frank O’Connor: Dream Crusher

Das Kalk on Mr. O’Connor’s other official title

Because I can’t listen to, especially myself, drone on about, you know, whatever we’re droning on about … banshees and stuff

(Laughter) We

GBO says it’s a group thing. CL’s not so sure.

Oh, you will be. You will be …

CruelLEGACEY with the second spot-on Star Wars quote. Two casts in a row, baby!

So inconsiderate of him. SirPwn4g3 should have had it on the same day.

DK commenting on the fact that SirP should have had scheduled his daughter’s birth for the same day as the one year anniversary of

This way I don’t look like a complete tool by celebrating the birth of a website.

CL on the comparison of a website vs. new human life. Okay, new human life wins … but the site is still awesome! Congrats on 1 year!

Oh by the way, Brandon respawned.

GrimBrother One on how SirPwn4g3’s new addition could be announced

Yeah, well, take the 18 hour ride.

CruelLEGACEY took the bus ride. The looooooooooong bus ride.

You can’t play kickball on ice, that’s why we don’t know about it.

For all of you who thought that our Canadian friends only like things that can be directly traced back to hockey, well … you’re right per CL.

Jeff’s not joking.


I’m not joking.





Say lightning bolt – just say it!

The Mods on the Kinect discovery

How quick a reaction is it?

It’s like five minutes.

DK asked how long before “lightning bolt” produces the thunder effect. According to CL, longer than you’d think

We should all get a Monitor with a different color.

(Immediately) Black!

Rukizzel has dibs on his color of Monitor (Thanks for the catch GBO!)

Oh wait, I forget to send it to him

CruelLEGACEY’s copy of Reach will look sweet when it’s signed. And it still will. Next time.

That’s the great Canadian tree monkey.

You’ll have to listen to the after show to get this context 🙂

On a personal note, thank you all for the shout out in this Modcast! I was listening at work and pumped my fist in joy.

I’ve also recorded those comments so I can loop them continually through my home 24/7 🙂

Seriously, I really appreciate it. Having the Modcast to listen to is fantastic, and to know that the people who produce it enjoy what I write is huge. Thanks!

*** = no cR will be given for mentioning your topic 🙂


>>>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]

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