Modcast Bulletin (Ep. 7)

Modcast originally broadcast on 12.13.11

Modcast #7 now belongs to the ages, and it was epic … some might even say, “mythic.” (See what I did there?)

This comes from the the appearance of Daniel Morris, aka Mythic Tyrant, on the show to give his origin story and help out the Waypoint community with some tips on making their own Mythic runs.

CruelLEGACEY moderated with his usual flair (which you’ll find hovering at it’s usual “flair level: awesome”), so here we go!

Appreciated points

Origin story – This was cool for me because while I’ve seen the man in the white suite and black gloves before, I didn’t know where he came from.

Was he the last of a doomed race who found incredible powers when coming into contact with our sun? Was he a billionaire playboy who’s flashy lifestyle only hid his personal quest for justice he pursued during the night?

While both of those may be true, what is also true is that he is the founder of “Mythic difficulty” (the difficulty being defined as solo legendary all skulls on with zero deaths and zero saves; each mission must be run from start to finish without dying, saving, or quitting) and the Mythic Community.

The “mythic” name came from Bungie originally, from the hardest difficulty settings and the highest forum ranks.

MT really enjoyed looking at someone else’s perspective on the game, hearing the commentaries with all skulls on at Halo.Bungie.Org and thought he’d have a go with his own where others had left off … and the rest is Mythic history.

Once he got a taste of Mythic difficulty and actually made it through a level or two, there was no going back – everything else was just too easy.

Next came the head’s up from inside Bungie, saying they didn’t think it was possible to make it through the entire Campaign this way, quote,”enjoy your recon.”

Hearing from the studio was a thrill and a challenge to keep going, and keep going he did.

Then came the game changer – The Summer Mythic Recon Challenge. This was the beginning of the upsurge; all the sudden there was a reward for playing Mythic, and MT received thousands of submissions.

This opened up the doors so Tyrant could show that Mythic wasn’t just for Campaign studs, it was something that could be done and enjoyed by everyone.

MT was then invited to Bungie for the first time during PAX, and that was awesome. Bets had sprung up in the studio thatHalo Reach would be impossible on Mythic difficulty, hinting that some bigger challenges were in store for the Tyrant and the community.

(Those bigger challenges went by the name of Macto cognatus, the Elites – you remember them right? Three overcharged plasma shots to even take down their shields? Yep, those are the ones.)

So from there it’s been upward and onward – Mythic guides o’ plenty (with Anniversary on the way) for all your needs, and a great way to keep the campaigns fresh.

Be sure to check out his official website – – for all his guides, tips and Mythic swag!

New to the crew? If you’re like me, you haven’t given Mythic difficulty a try – too intimidating. However, per MT, the over-whelming feeling of awesomeness when you beat a Halo game on Mythic difficulty is worth it – and that’s the good vibe he wants to spread!

CruelLEGACEY mentioned his Mythic guides, and how he put those on the shelf for now since MT’s are so good.

While Mythic Tyrant seems to glide flawlessly through the levels, he was quick to point out that what people don’t see are the behind there scenes where he dies. A lot.

That was personally comforting to me, since I do the same thing on plain ol’ Legendary 🙂

Not just one and done – CruelLEGACEY pointed out how developers often talk about the fact that the Campaign is left in the dust while the Multiplayer goes on. The majority of a team works for years on a campaign, but most people play through once and that’s it.

That’s one of the great things about the Mythic community – it keeps the campaigns new, and keeps bringing up new things to talk about; not only from a story point but a game play point of view.

Basic training – What you should expect the first time you play through on Mythic? Tyrant and C-LEG hit some top tips to keep in mind when hopping out of your Hog/Falcon/etc. and taking on humanity’s greatest threat:

1.) Know your environment – this is the first rule of survival. If you know your surroundings, you can adapt on the go when something doesn’t go exactly as planned, and that will happen more times than you’d like.

MT’s guides will provide immeasurable help, but different weapon load outs by each enemy guarantee that you’ll still have a few surprises in store for you. Knowing where the weapons are, where to find cover, how to use Noble Team, all these things will help you stay a float when things get crazy.

2.) Ammo depleted – always be aware on Mythic that your ammo will run out real fast. That said, meet your new best friend: the plasma pistol.

Basic Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary training – This is Mythic Tyrant’s favorite campaign out of the entire series, hands-down. He’s working on Mythic guides for each level (all skulls still on for Mythic), but in the meantime here’s something to keep you alive until the details are out:

1.) Less fire means less dying – Take out the grunts ASAP when facing a group so there’s less plasma fire coming. Fewer enemies, the easier to focus on the tough ones.

2.) Stunned – The plasma weapons has a kind of stun not seen in other Halo games; an enemy shot with plasma will stagger for a second, giving you a chance to take them down.

3.) Sticky business – If you stick a lesser enemy, they might run back to their leader. They probably want to calmly ask their captain to please remove the obstruction that’s about ready to explode ..

4.) Achilles heel – Having trouble getting a shot past the shields? CL found that shooting the Jackals in the foot onAnniversary forces them into a roll – then take out their head. Nice!

5.) Know when to walk away/know when to run – Per MT, the Flood are “actually scary” in the first Halo game (soAnniversary is no different). To fight them, you have to know when you rush past or back up and take a minute.

The Flood spawn all around you, so be ready with a pistol/shotgun combo to take them out from a distance and up close.

6.) The Library – There are several places where you have to wait on 343 Guilty Spark to open a door for you, and your back is against the wall. You have to fight the urge to back right up against the wall – give yourself a little space to maneuver, while at the same time try to keep the Flood only coming at you in three directions.

In other words, use the wall but don’t abuse the wall. (Was that lame? Yes. Is it still true? Yes.)

7.) Group therapy – From the level “Two Betrayals” onward, let the factions fight it out amongst themselves to your advantage, wherever you can.

Same world, different route – Something that struck me while MT was giving details about the Mythic style and how to go about it (being careful because Flood carrier forms are very quiet and you don’t always hear them coming, different species behavior throughout the Covenant, etc.) was how his knowledge of the Halo universe stems from hours of playing through the Campaign, yet it still jives with everything I think of when I think of Halo.

What I mean is I haven’t played as much campaign as he has, but we both end up with the same general knowledge/feeling of the games and the Halo universe despite the different routes we’ve taken to get there.

Whether it’s reading the novels, checking out Halopedian (Knowledge awaits!), playing the campaign on Mythic or hours of multiplayer with your friends people come away with a similar sense of the Halo-verse and I think that’s an amazing testament to the franchise and the fiction as a whole.

Again, make sure you check out Mythic Tyrant’s website for all the lastest on Mythic difficulty, Women of Xbox and his YouTube channel.

A final thank you to MT and CL for making this happen.

Quotes Worth Repeating

Modcast, Episode #7 was full of good times, and good quotes from CruelLEGACEY and Mythic Tyrant.


Quotes worth repeating

He doesn’t mean helmet special

The Tyrant clarifies what “special” CruelLEGACEY is referring to when he says he’s a “special” guest

Started as a personal goal, nothing more

As with much of the great Halo content out there, this reflection from MT shows how something we do for our own benefit can and does often benefit many others as well

I started out with “Sierra 117” and cried

Mythic Tyrant’s first attempt at his own difficulty on the Halo 3 level. Thankfully he kept at it!

The Flood in Halo 3, unlike in previous games, are just kibble

MT’s commentary on The Flood’s difficulty. They are like kibble in a way … parasitic, evil kibble 🙂

Once you sort of get the learning curve down, you can master it

Mythic Tyrant on how, like anything, Mythic difficulty is a process

To me, this is just an honor

MT on being recognized by the Bungie development team

I’m just going to wet myself and it’s not going to be fun

CruelLEGACEY on the idea of going Mythic before he saw a method to the madness in the form of Tyrant’s Mythic guides.

Half an hour of Mythic game play feels like a week in normal game time

C-LEG on the strange time continuum that you get sucked into when playing on Mythic

Apparently the Covenant have trouble shifting gears

Per MT, sometimes the bad driving of the enemy can be to your advantage

You have to learn to not panic when one thing goes wrong

Like all good advice, it can be applied in many areas. CL was talking about playing Halo, but I think this quote goes pretty much for all of life as well

Some of that might be a psychic connection to his Xbox

CruelLEGACEY on how exactly RC Master makes those incredible speed runs

It’s an extreme team effort

Tyrant on how the Mythic community makes each guide better and more efficient with all their great feedback and play-throughs.

The rocket-flood are probably among the worst enemies you will fight…

MT on a universal truth

If you haven’t already, listen to Modcast #7 to hear these quotes in their audio glory!


>>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]

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