Modcast Bulletin (Ep. 8)

Originally broadcast on 12.29.11

The latest Modcast (Episode 8) has been up for less than a week, and hopefully most of you have been able to start the new year off right by having a listen.

If not, then hopefully these words feeding your sense of sight will lead to your sense of touch clicking on the link so your sense of sound will be served some Modcast goodness 🙂

Appreciated Points

Keep it Clean – This Modcast had two special guests, Snickerdoodle and Der Flatulator – the new Superintendents in forum land.

They’ll be, quote, “helping from an organizational point of view,” which means the closer we get to Halo 4 the more that point of view will be needed. Best of luck to both and it’s great to meet more of the team!

Anniversary gets some love – Per Snickerdoodle, the Anniversary playlist is rockin’ and it’s the most fun she’s had in a while – and I have to admit I’m completely on board with that point.

While I love Reach and enjoy the playlists, if you play for any amount of time you’re going to see trends for certain maps. This leads to getting sick of those maps (even though they’re good), which leads to the irrational feeling that only those maps ever come up, which leads to you getting upset, which leads to you quitting your job to start your own “Occupy 343” movement and cold, wet nights sleeping on the often rain-soaked pavement of Kirkland (“The Little City That Could”), Washington.

Okay, hopefully things don’t get that bad – but you get the point. So play the Anniversary playlist where you can be happy with whatever map you get, and keep the rain-soaked pavement of Kirkland free of disgruntled gamers.

In other Anniversary news, Das Kalk mentioned how the “Prisoner” spawns are really close – sometimes ridiculously so. As CruelLEGACEY said, that gives it a really old-school feel as opposed to regular Reach. Since my default mode is melee, I don’t mind the chance for more medals with a fist 🙂

Du, Du hast, Du hast 3D – Das Kalk recently hooked up with a sweet new 3D TV (nice!) and was able to try out Anniversary’s3D-ness. He really liked it, with especially high praise for slower moving projectiles, aka grenades. Since they’re not flying out as quickly, you really get a chance to see them in 3D action.

Thought Potpourri – in true wrap-up style, the Mods hit some of their top thoughts about recent games in 2011 and other topics; here we go:

  • UNSC Warhead brought the point (voice of Thor: “brought up the point!”) that sometimes basic game mechanics (see tight/responsive controls) get thrown under the bus in favor of other things, which is a shame.That can lead to an even bigger shame, which is game reviewers simply glossing over the fact that those “basic game mechanics” are missing from the game – something CL touched on. His theory is that game reviewers are probably flying through a game on an easy/normal setting where things like movement control don’t get noticed as much; but if someone does spend more than a quick-run through on a harder setting the game can be near unplayable.
  • C-LEG also had a theory about Batman: Arkham City; and the theory is that it’s awesome (his top game of the year!). Something that makes it great is that playing on easy doesn’t fundamentally change the game experience. By building the game this way, it actually encourages you to try it on harder difficulty levels.
  • Das Kalk is fine with the difficulty turned down for Skyrim, because he’s more of an explorer when it comes to that type of game. The fun comes from the wonder and exploration of the word, and I’m the same way. Fast-travel to an inn? Psh! Not when I can walk there and look at every stray tree and ruin!
  • Destructible environments on Halo 4? Per Der Flatulator Frank O’Connor says yes. The general feeling was while destructible could be good, it should be more in destroyable scenery rather than destructible environments (blowing up a tree vs. an entire building).CruelLEGACEY mentioned the possibility of a specific gametype that would service this; an Invasion playlist where the destructible a destructible environment could really be used in a great way. I can see that happening; how sweet would it be as the Spartan team to actually bring down the Spire if you with the last round!
  • Snickerdoodle and CL both play inverted. In honor of this, I’m typing this post with my hands crossed and the keyboard upside down. (As a follow up to that, it’s not true)
  • Something else you should know about SD – when it comes to what she pays on Xbox it’s Halo baby, all the way. I appreciate this because that’s the same response I give to my friends who play. It’s always, “What are you playing?” I just smile and say, “Reach.” While there are so many good games out there that I’ll hopefully get to one day (see rest home), nothing else gives me so much in so little time.With finding time to play always an issue, Reach gets me to awesome from the first game and I love that about it.

Author talk – With Glasslands recently released and Primordium just out, this is a great time to be a reader! The Mods talked about how each author focuses on something different – Traviss (Glasslands) more on character and Bear (Primordium) more on the setting – but that each are right at home in the Halo universe and have a lot to offer.

I’m going to start a chronologically-inclined read of the novels myself this year, so I’m looking forward to these.

I’m also going to start a “Das Kalk Cryptum Audio Book Fund;” the man has too much going! We’ve got to get him through this book together!

Questions from the floor – two listener questions, the first being, “Is it hard to get excited about Halo 4 when so little info as come out?”

The vibe was pretty much along the lines of “we’ve got almost a year until it happens, and in the meantime we just got Anniversary and some sweet new multiplayer maps.” I’ll be the first to say it’s hard to wait, but I’m trying to look at it as the calm before the storm …

Second, “will they up the player count in games?” The vibe for this was “it’s not a question of will they but can they” If the quality of the experience can be kept high, then yes they would – but we’ll have to wait and see if that’s possible.

The most Appreciated Point of all – The Modcast wrapped up with an armored 7’2” genetically-enhanced thank you! from all the Mods for making the Modcast bigger than they thought it would be. Per usual, the Halo Community just freakin’ rocks!

Quotes Worth Repeating

Modcast Episode 8 brought with it the usual great lines, with Snicks claiming the first few, no less than 3 different parents of the Mods making an appearance, and even some international flair as we travel to Prague with UNSC Warhead and Rome with CruelLEGACEY.


Snickerdoodle is nothing but a 13 year old boy, we’ve already established this

Rukizzel, despite what you may have heard, sets the record straight on Snickerdoodle’s age and gender. Wait a minute … -)

Snickerdoodle is the one that goes through deleting all your threads …

Der Flatulator identifies which Superintendent deletes our thoughts

Maybe people will finally start calling me a girl

SD proving that hope springs eternal

Actually being thrown into it and seeing how steep and how quickly the learning curve goes is pretty daunting

Snicks on the fact that it’s not all fun and games when you jump into a new role. It’s usually a mixture of fun, games and crazy.

Do you know how much …

… fun banning people is?

CruelLEGACEY starts off one way, and UNSC Warhead takes it the exact opposite way.

Oh, I didn’t get glasses

Rukizzel’s mom, after he ran to set up his 360 over the holidays to play Anniversary on her new 3D TV

So I gave it to my mom, and I said “don’t let me play this.”

We all need someone who’s there for us, no matter what. For instance, say we have a sick new game (Skyrim) and yet we know that finals are coming up. Who can save us from ourselves? In Das Kalk’s case, his mom stepped up. We salute her, and parents everywhere!

Fighting a leprechaun would do the same thing

In Skyrim, there are various means of obtaining gold, but UNSC highlighted the best one I’ve heard (WARNING: No actual leprechauns in Skyrim)

‘Oh it only gets really good like 30 hours in’ … I’m not waiting 30 hours for a game to get good

DK on Final Fantasy XIII. Hey, if you’ve got the time I say go for it – but man, that is a wait.

I don’t live in a foreign country … I mean a country foreign to my own 

Das Kalk. And yes, of course that’s the quote we’re going to use 🙂

The only reason I played Halo was because my dad made me 

We all have our Halo origin stories, and this is awesome! We owe SD’s dad a lot!

You are a freak of nature

DK talking about SD’s inverted green thumb setting on the controller. The quote has more power when you hear the wonder/terror in his voice when he says it

Well, we have this game so we have to get an Xbox

Snickerdoodle’s dad after making her go out on Christmas Day and buy Halo. Makes perfect sense to me!

I saw wallpapers for PlayStation 2

This was in Prague, and it’s why UNSC Warhead still calls the Eastern Bloc the Eastern Bloc.

Il ritorno dello Jedi

Poster in Rome that CruelLEGACEY was able to get a photo in front of. Nice!

I hate to say it but I haven’t read any of the Halo novels

CL’s quote from the beginning of the book discussion. Upon the speaking of these words, somewhere, a tear fell from the face of GrimBrother One

If they ask me to Beta test the campaign, I wouldn’t say no

As a group, the Mods were wondering how much spoiler info they would get on Halo 4 as the time grew closer to its release and that they were a little worried about it. But as Das Kalk reminds us, it’s hard to pass that knowledge up …

The problem is that doing that doesn’t make as impressive a bullet point on the back on the box

CL on Halo 4, and what they’ll do with it graphic-wise. He’d rather see the same polygon count, screen resolution, same size of maps, same detail, but run smoother than Reach. As his quote demonstrates, however, he knows that’s not the sexy choice.

There were these really really old iPhones made out of this thing called paper … 

During the author discussion, CL had to remind everyone exactly what this thing called a “book” was

Ah, good times. Thanks for reading as always!


>>>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]

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