2011 exits with strong LAN support

While 2012 is almost a month old at this point, I want to log the good times of 2011 – specifically the last few months of it since they finished strong with some great Halo LAN parties.

November 20, 2011 – Had a friend throw a party at his office – which meant two wall screens, each set up in different areas of the building.

Pizza and Firefight make an amazing combination, but when you add a new space to play in (the recently released “Installation 04” level on 11/15/11) you’ve got something special.

The word that instills both excitement and fear: "reinforcements!"

I normally firefight (oh yes, it is now a verb) solo but splitting into teams and trying to out-score each other was a blast. After each game you could tell who won based on the yelling between rooms.

Xbox Live is a great service, but you can never duplicate the feeling of having your teammates (or enemies) local.

December 1, 2011 – Tidings of comfort and joy abounded at this nearly twenty-four hour  Halo-fest as I relived good times with the guys that originally got me into the game.

With Halo Anniversary recently coming out (11/15/11), it was great to get the old crew together – the first time since back in the day when all of us had the free-time (and the lack of responsibility that made that free-time all our own).

Countless Halo Combat Evolved matches were played on Sunday nights (and beyond!) with these guys, and to go there again on the remastered multiplayer maps made you both appreciate the past while enjoying the present.

“Solitary” provided the biggest surprise with several vertical games of jetpacks/rockets (I didn’t see that coming), while “Ridgeline” was noteworthy simply because none of us had played “Timberland” from Halo PC.

Multiplayer map from Halo Anniversary
More vertical than you thought ...

And “High Noon”? That’s just gravy. So many memories from “Hang’Em High” that you can’t help but love this one. (Even though many of those memories involve me improving my opponents kill count.)

We didn’t shut in down until 2:00am for a well-deserved rest … and then back up at 10:00am for more multiplayer goodness. Yep – that sounds about right.

December 29, 2011 – Two in the same month? 2011 definitely finished strong with this one, and two factors made it so:

First, it was at one of the original Halo crew’s place, so having another chance to revisit Halo Anniversary with him was special.

Second, those Anniversary games were played on his new 55-inch HDTV, and it was the only time I’ve felt like the screen was going to suck me in. I felt like I could literally fall into the game if I leaned forward.

An unforeseen occurrence: playing with the big screen I felt like I was slower; when I spun around to fire at an enemy it seemed as if my assault rifle had to travel miles to get where I needed it to be.

But hey, I figure that’s a pretty good trade off when it stacks up against actually feeling like I’m on the planet Reach.

2011 attacked, but Chief was ready. What will 2012 bring?

Many thanks to those friends and family who made these great experiences possible.

Here’s to a great 2011, and may 2012 have its share of Halo, LAN parties and all other forces of good in the universe!


>>>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]


  1. You cannot believe how green with envy I am right now. I’m really, astoundingly green! If I were to don a pair of MLG Gunnar glasses right now I’d look like a scrawny short master chief. I really miss LAN parties. I haven’t attended one since HALO 2 was new!


    1. Woaf,
      LAN parties are how I originally got into Halo, so every time I’m able to go to one it’s not only great but like a trip back in time.

      The end of last year was great, but I could have easily posted before that “Most of 2011 sucked for LAN parties” 🙂 When we’re able to get one together is few and far between, but they’re always amazing when they happen


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