BEWARE OF BLAST – An HBO thank you

As the title’s words of warning imply, when something has the potential to blow up you want to steer clear.

Unless of course you want to be there when something blows up, and in that case you would change the warning to read:


Yesterday morning I emailed HBO (Halo.Bungie.Org) to get the word out about my read-through of the Halo novels, and not only did I get a quick response but they set me up front page! My site views then exploded.

I’m the kind of guy who loves numbers (thank you Halotracker!) but hates math, so I bring you this number minus the math behind it: 289%. That’s the percentage increase from my formally biggest day of site views versus yesterday.

I of course hope people keep coming back (Part I of Contact Harvest coming soon!), but whatever happens yesterday was fantastic and I want to thank Louis Wu, GrimBrother One, and all the staff at HBO for featuring me on the site that capitalized the words “Halo Community.”

Thank you!


>>>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]

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