Making Brutes Cry

Ladies and Gentleman, last Sunday (2/12/2012) saw many things.

Firefight with friends
Take a good look at this screenshot. Read on to find out why …

It saw its share of disappointments and triumphs. Its share of heartache and elation.

Last Sunday was a typical day, in that eons of human history culminated in a twenty-four hour period that was unlike any that had come before it.

Why all this build up? Did he just use the phrase “eons of human history?” Now he’s talking about himself in third person? Because something awesome happened, yes I did, and yes I am.

Dust and Echoes is the 100% British beef Halo podcast, run by Deidre Barlow (now Mr. Tomsk) and The Woaf. They hail from England, and have all the nooks and crannies you can stand. If you haven’t checked the podcast out yet, get there – it’s that good.

But these guys don’t just talk a good game, they walk it. The lovely CurrerBell1847 and myself were able to play some epic Firefight with them and it was on one of the best games we’ve had.

Not only did it promote good relations between our two countries, it also promoted a state of being I like to call awesome. Good communication, teamwork and headshots meant the Covenant of Installation 04 had no answer to our trans-Atlantic brand of beat-down.

And it didn’t end with Firefight; an eight-game winning streak proved the good times were not the result of rampancy but of Halo at its finest – a great game that brings good people together.

Remember the picture from the top? Let’s take another look:Firefight with friends

It’s evident you’ve got four Spartan warriors, but if you look closely you’ll see a Brute sprawled on the pavement. At first glance you think he’s dead – that he’s one of the countless enemies who fell prey to our skills – but you’d be wrong.

He’s actually crying. When faced with a threat of this magnitude, this Jiralhanae Minor simply laid down and sobbed.

Like I said – a great game that brings good people together. And makes Brutes cry.

(Many thanks to the Woaf for providing the epic screenshot)


>>>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]


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