Ďakujem vám!

If you’ve been around the Halo Community for any amount of time, you’ll find a few (nearly) universal truths:

  1. Stepping out of the Bumblebee in Halo: Combat Evolved was amazing
  2. Just when you think the discussion of “bloom” in Halo Reach is over, it starts back up again
  3. The Community will always surprise you with its passion and creativity

It’s that third point I want to focus on for a moment, and say a huge THANK YOU to Hemlax over at Stosedemnásť, a Halo Community site that hails from Slovakia.

Czech Republic Halo site

I was introduced to his site via Dust and Echoes and I highly recommend it – any chance to get Halo news/updates with an international flavor is something that should not be missed; you really get a sense of the scope the franchise has.

My “thank you” to Hemlax from the earlier paragraph could simply be for creating a great Halo site, but there’s specifically something else – the man is an artist.

I know this first hand because he created my current “Reactive Bias” banner; completely unexpected, just showed up in my inbox free of charge.

The title of this post (at least according to Google Translate) is Slovak for “thank you” – and it’s directed squarely at Hemlax. Thank you sir for the work you do, for the sweet banner, and for proving again why the Halo Community is awesome.


>>>>>>>>>[Post  tenebras lux]


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