First Strike on Club Errera

Yesterday morning I found myself with a little time before heading to work, and wanting that time put to good use I readied myself for a game of SWAT on Reach.

The game itself turned out terrible, but a member on the opposing team I was randomly matched with caught my eye – one “Louis Wu.”

Yes, it turned out to be that Louis Wu – I know because I emailed the man and he graciously confirmed it.

I’m now going to reproduce the email I sent to him so you can get an idea of what was going through my head at the time of the match – enjoy!


This morning I was fortunate enough to be shot in the face by your DMR in a friendly game of SWAT on Reach.

While these words will hopefully bring a smile to your face, I hope to widen that smile by giving you a little bit of the inner dialogue going on in my brain as that match began:

SWAT. This should be awesome.

Here we go.

Louis Wu? The Louis Wu?

No way. It’s probably not him.

What if it’s him? Does he know who I am?

That’s ridiculous. I’ve had two posts on the front page, how would he remember me? And even if he did, he’s not actually looking at me.

You never know; the man has special powers.

It could be him – let me just wa- – – BAM!

(audible) First Strike!

I was Louis Wu’s first strike. That’s pretty awesome.

Actually it’s sad that I’m excited about that.

So the moral of the tale is this – good things happen when you play Halo. You never know who’s going to shoot you in the face from one game to the next đŸ™‚


>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]

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