Trailer Park

With all the speculation surrounding Halo 4 due to the recent release of information, I’ve been searching for perspective – something that will put all the craziness into its correct context.

Every since Halo: Combat Evolved became the huge hit, hype for the next Halo game (from my perspective) has always been pretty big. That said, anything that will ease my mind about the future by reminding me how Halo has always delivered when it needed to is a good thing.

Enter Chris of Elders.TV. They now have a post containing all previous Halo game trailers with the chance to vote for which is your favorite.

Please note: there’s no right answer when it comes to which trailer is the best. Although, if there was a right answer it would be Halo 3. 😉

It’s another opportunity to remember where the franchise has been and to get excited about where it’s going – nothing gets the fan-boy blood pumping like a good trailer!

Elders.TV logo

Click the banner and head over to Elders.TV and check it out!


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