400+ Daily Challenges

The challenges in Reach work for me on a few different levels; primarily they address:

  • My indecision (I can’t decide what to play!)
  • My lack of time (How can I fit in all this destruction with everything else?)
  • My vanity (Oooooo….look at all the pretty armor. I must have it. I must have it all!)

The challenges help me budget my time, give me a goal to shoot for, and provide me with delicious credits to dress up my doll … ahem …arm my Spartan with everything he needs on the battlefield.

Screenshot from GlazZz ODST

The above epicness is brought to you by GlazZz ODST

Recently I passed the 400 mark with the daily challenges and like any good milestone, I didn’t get here on my own. Some thank you’s before I close:

  • Thank you Halo Reach Daily Challenges – You’ve let me check what every challenge before heading home so I can prioritize, offered helpful hints on how to complete them, and have done it all with a British accent! Thank you!
  • Thank you Firefight – Ah, Firefight. We’ve had many good times, and I hope more to come. I look forward to your challenges on Thursdays most of all, as no matter what they’re called (On the Sixth Respawn, The T.G. Opposition, J.H. Death Machine, etc.) it’s always fun. Thank you!
  • Thank you CurrerBell1847 – You’re encouragement has kept me going through the grind, especially anytime a challenge is dependent on a number of wins … you know I don’t get in that column as much as I would like 🙂


>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]

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