Modcast Bulletin (Ep.11)

Modcast #11 finally saw the Mods able to talk about Halo 4 … since there was something to actually talk about!

(If you haven’t heard the show yet, head here.)

Appreciated Points

It’s the little things – Snickerdoodle was not only excited about the new information released on Halo 4, but her excitement was focused. On what you ask? What else – the Battle Rife baby! For her, it was something she didn’t know she missed until she played some Halo 3.

The process of freaking out – Das Kalk talked about the supposed “perks” system, and how it could still be suited to the Halo game play universe.

He also touched on the fact that people freak out too much when it comes to stuff like this; nothing concrete has come out yet and we need to wait and see what exactly is going to happen with multiplayer, and how it will be implemented.

Greenskull (all hail the new Superintendent – woot!) picked up on this theme – the idea that we can’t really judge the multiplayer until we get our hands on it and see it in action

Of maps and sound – Ka Five (all hail another Superintendent – 2x woot!) was all about the new maps not being a part of campaign (Grim amen’d this), and how the sound was amazing – definitely something to look forward to.

A great excuse to go new – While Grim is a little hesitant with the ascetics fitting with what’s come before, the fact that this is a new game in a new period means you can have a great reason to introduce a lot of new stuff. Specifically, he’s looking forward to  what new vehicles 343 has in store for us.

A tale of two approaches – GBO is all about the setting and look, while CruelLEGACEY first looks at the opposite – he’s wondering what’s going to happen with game play, how you’re going to move.

We’ve been used to our Spartan’s moving a certain way over the past games and we could be headed for new territory. What is it going to feel like to be Master Chief? Halo 4 gives us a change to have it change-up, and he’s excited to see what that could be like.

Crysis and Crysis 2 were brought up as examples of a game making you feel like a Spartan, aka a jet fighter tank.

An evil, evil tease – C-LEG on the fact that they talked about a new enemy to face, but didn’t give us anything else. Your gameplay is 90% fighting the enemy, what will it be? How are they going to move, what do they look like? We know the Covenant species will be there, but will they be allies or enemies?

The Glassing of Halo 4 – I have not read it yet, but from the discussion Glasslands sounds like a great way to get more Halo 4 insight; there are hints in the book as to where the story of Halo 4 might go, who our primary enemy might be, etc.

Forerunner’s Creed? – There was much love among the Mods for a Halo game where you play as a Forerunner; being able to have their power and not be tied to a certain weapon set (BR, etc.).

Grim thought being a Forerunner with Assassin’s Creed-style game play would be sick, and I completely agree with that!

Multiplayer Story – could be something bigger, but the vibe was that the story may be light. C-LEG had a great point that Halo has so many different modes, so it’s harder to make one story have sense. Is it beyond anything other than the Spartan IV’s training?

That sound in my head – Everyone agreed that if awesome was a sound, it would sound like what we heard in the trailer. The music has risen to the epic level it needs, and that was just the few short segments we heard.

Initiate holding pattern Beta – LEGACEY brought up the point that gameplay can be updated and tweaked, but a large Beta is good for “technical netcode.” (I don’t know exactly what that means, but it sounds important.)

He also mentioned that the other side of that discussion involves the expectations that the Beta raises in people, and how those usually lead to disappointments since Betas are not about testing the game, but testing the stress on the network.

Lurking at PAX East – For those of you privileged enough to go, check out Grim’s panel at PAX East; it’s entitled, “From Lurker to Leader: A Frags to Riches Story”, and you’ll find it in the Arachnid Theatre Friday night (4/6) from 8:30 – 9:30pm.

Quotes worth Repeating

Why didn’t you ask Sam how she was doing? That’s just rude.

Das Kalk calls out CruelLEGACEY for not asking Snickerdoodle how she was doing as well.

Moving along!

GrimBrother One doing his best UNSC Warhead impression

I was like, “screw civil service.”

GBO in jury duty – which inconveniently was at the same time all the Halo 4 news came out

There needs to be a Master of Unicorns medal.

And it will be the only medal that you can get for months and months and you don’t know exactly why

DK and Grim on the mystery that is the Master of Unicorns

Talk about the cube man! What could the cube be?

Greenskull quoting some comments he received after his breakdown of the new trailer. Frankly, I can’t BELIEVE the entire Modcast didn’t center around the cube. Maybe next time.

Sorry Paul; before we rudely interrupted you there you were in the middle of making a good point.

I was?

C-LEG and Ka Five. It was a good point!

I didn’t mind the Ninja Turtle helmets in Reach; those were okay

I honestly think we need to have Ninja Turtle masks in Halo 4

LEGACEY and Das Kalk with what maybe the greatest idea in the history of Halo

Like, for example, if the Banshee looks different in Halo 4 I’m going to be super excited, as opposed to Reach

For those of your keeping track, Grim mentions Banshee at the 18:40 mark

I would love a Forerunner story Assassin’s Creed-style gameplay

Or I would settle for a grunt platformer

GBO on how Halo can branch out a little. I don’t know which one of those I would play first!

Tornado gun is Priority Alpha.

Priority two is the Cat Gun

Das Kalk on the checklist for Halo 4 (Per Snickerdoodle it’s actually a Cat Grenade.)

I like to come up with new and inventive ways for us to look like morons

As the leader of the Modcast, it’s a duty CruelLEGACEY is honor-bound to perform

Do I really need a canonical explanation behind Grifball?

LEGACEY asks if it’s needed, but deep down he just wants to know how the Spartans can still use Evade in there

We’ll consider this like a cliffhanger

Rukizzel makes his triumphant return, only to tease us until next time

It’s pronounced “Miss Placey Dank”

DK’s reading of Snick’s twitter. I kind of like his way better, but that’s just me

Cause I have to share a hotel room with three other dudes and you

Das Kalk and GBO sharin’ a room – good times as PAX East


>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]

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