Hub/Modcast Special – Halo 4 Campaign

This is Part I of the Grifball Hubcast / Waypoint Modcast Special; it focuses on the campaign.

Here’s what I took away and thanks for reading!

Appreciated Points

So much for that – Hopefully if you’ve been planning on reading the most recent Halo novels (Cryptum, Primordium and Glasslands) you did; GrimBrother One summed them all up in about fifteen minutes.

If you’re looking for a review or think reading is only for losers, you’ve got the entire story right there for you so listen up people! : – )

We’ll leave the light on for you – Grim was excited about how the Forerunner technology will be “on”; and how we’re going to interact with it. In past games everything has been in a dormant state, but now the tech is going to be doing who knows what around us.

I’m interested to see if this brave new world has Forerunner technology merely happening around us in the background, or if there’s interaction with it – and I don’t mean just turning on a light bridge. Could we even have to fight this new tech? Time will tell.

What a Cruel wants, what a Cruel needs – LEGACEY was looking for some positives that make Halo what it is to stay the same, and those include dynamic combat, varying enemies and good balance. (And yes, I just went Aguilera)

Due to extended time in the Mass Effect series, he also thought that while Halo has a great story it’s always seemed a little separate from the gameplay. 343 has talked about the story focusing more on the humanity of Master Chief, and he sees this as a great opportunity to mesh the story and gameplay together in a more intimate way.

Not “candlelight dinner” intimate, but more “the-story-pulls-you-in” intimate.

Reading a novel vs. Choose your own adventure (illustration provided by Goosechecka) – A foundational gameplay choice that differentiates Mass Effect from Halo is the choices you make will change the outcome, whereas in Halo it all ends up on the same path.

But how much choice should you have? Where does that leave cannon (gasp!)? Does the choice you make in the game have to be meaningful, or would you be happy just to take a right instead of a left? Can you have too much choice and lose the “shooter feel” the game has? All these questions were brought up.

For me, choice always came in the gameplay and how I was going to approach the sandbox. Do I fly in shotgun blazing? Do I hang back with the DMR?

But with the story it’s always been a pretty planned out affair. Master Chief has never been about making his own choices; there’s always an objective, waypoint, or mission to tell him what needs to be done next. He’s a great improviser, a solider to the core – and soldiers follow orders.

This isn’t to say he can’t make decisions or the game couldn’t have more choice, this would just be a new direction – which is what this game is supposed to be all out. So we’ll see what happens!

We’re missing the big piece – Everyone has been missed the big set pieces (the last being Halo 3’s epic Scarab battles). One of the top wishes for Campaign in Halo 4 was to give us the big!

An Ode to Halo 2 – Several things about what made Halo 2’s story awesome were mentioned, including the Arbiter’s classic hero storyline that made (most of us) care about the character and Truth’s Machiavellian schemes through the game that showed his grab for power more than his devotion to The Great Journey, Ah, the good times of 2004.

Quotes Worth Repeating 

We don’t know anything about Halo except that it has hammers

H2O Camper if you need him

Can I go last so I just don’t eat the conversation and everyone else’s options along with it?

GrimBrother One gives everyone a fair warning

If you’ve brought me on because I’m an expert you failed

RallyFox calls out his team

Will you do something useful?

CruelLEGACEY talking about the usual AI friendlies in Halo games (specifically George in this case)

If I’m a seven-foot-tall-ceramic-plated-bone-genetically-enhanced-chemically-altered-kidnapped-from-seven-years-old-and-trained-as-a-super-solider I want to feel like that

That was one of the greatest things I’ve ever heard said in one breath

Goose on specifically what she wants to feel like in Halo 4, and Grim’s reaction. I still would have been impressed even if that took two breaths!


>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]


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