Hub/Modcast Special – Halo 4 Multiplayer

Part II of the Hub/Modcast Special, this time covering Halo 4 Multiplayer.

If you haven’t had a listen yet, head over to CruelLEGACEY’s site here.

Here we go!

Appreciated Points

No love for the pack – It’s been confirmed that there will be no health packs in Halo 4. And there was much rejoicing!

The wheels are already turning – For Grifball, H2O Camper was excited that the jumps were a little more “floaty.” The man is already thinking tactics … I like it.

Please make it pretty – While it makes sense that the color palette of Reach would be a little darker, several people are looking forward to Halo 4 bringing back some of the vibrancy that we saw in the earlier games.

It’s the future baby – we want our retina’s kicked in the face! (Don’t actually think about that sentence or it won’t make sense.)

The right to withhold judgment – Before the trailer came out, CruelLEGACEY was excited about Halo 4. Now that the trailer’s come out, he’s still excited about Halo 4. The point of my story? That seeing clips of something that will change drastically as we get closer to the release date doesn’t shake the man – he’s going to wait and see before making a call on details that are not set in stone yet.

A wise attitude, but impossible to maintain – I imagine he’ll geek out when the next video is released and won’t be able to breathe 🙂

A matter of placement – While judgment is withheld on the trailer, C-LEG had some definite thoughts on what he wants improved in Halo 4: First, design the spawns around a long-distance weapon’s range. No one likes to get killed immediately as they spawn, and he feels the player in current Halo games spawns at Assault Rifle and not DMR range, making spawn-killing all too easy.

Second, make the game automatically match to you a similarly skilled player, instead of an option to choose as in Reach.

Training for Rank – Goosecheka thought your Halo 4 rank could be tied fictionally to the multiplayer this way: Spartans need to train. The Red vs. Blue Spartans are training in multiplayer, and that decides what rank they would be and who gets sent out into the field.

I’m looking forward to working on the popular “Desk Clerk, Grade 2” rank.

A well-worn road – several topics were brought up that have been discussed elsewhere (how we should earn credits, how the playlists breakdown, what a ranking system should look like, achievements shouldn’t be tied to multiplayer, more color in Forge, etc.) and I won’t go into these here. However, please type those words into your “search” box in the forums to find plenty to read/think about.

One of the reasons I don’t envy where 343 is right now is that the opinions on what Halo 4 should or shouldn’t be come down to this:

“I don’t care about “x” like most people, but I care deeply about “y” and that’s what should stay because without “y’” Halo wouldn’t be Halo for me.”

The problem is of course that “x” and “y” aren’t constant across the board, and unfortunately conflict with each other across different people.

Like I said, I don’t envy 343 with that conundrum staring them in the face. However, I do want to work there. Hire me. 🙂

I just dropped a wall in your face – Grim recalled when Forge was just coming out and the clip he say made him think we’d have more of a Forge Competitive Mode, where Monitors would hover around and be able to help their Spartan teammates.

The idea being that the Monitors would have a certain cap of what they could do, but they could give support to the team as you go along. GBO didn’t know how popular it would be, but it does sound cool.

Nuclear Taco 42 is the man – GrimBrother One had a LAN party at the local planetarium.

I’m sorry, let’s pause for a moment to let the disappointment and bitterness that you weren’t there work itself out of your system. For some of you, this may take a while. (Three days for me.)

Where was I? Ah yes. At the LAN party they had a great group of kids who were awed by the awesome that is Nuclear Taco 42. He whipped up a new Grifball map for everyone in about two seconds and not only showed himself the hero we all knew he was, but in my opinion showed what Halo is all about – good people playing a great game.

To you, my radiation-infused friend!

Quotes Worth Repeating

“I don’t think I’m good enough for it to matter”

“Well, I’m bad enough for it to matter.”

Grim and Goosechecka on the BR verses the DMR

I think we should all go back to duel wielding SMGs

Sometimes a good idea is just common sense. Goose’s comment is both.

The thing about the Call of Duty perk system, though, that wouldn’t be an issue if the system separated the players of equal rank

Apparently LEGACEY doesn’t like getting a negative twenty-five K/D spread every game. Weird.

There’s no such thing as a predictable competitive sport in the world

Vegas says otherwise, but I agree with C-LEG on this

All they need to do is, they need to show Microsoft how many render minutes I purchased from Bungie and Microsoft will say “Yeah, this is worth doing.”

Little known fact – CruelLEGACEY’s purchases are what made it possible for Bungie to leave the cash-cow that is Halo behind. Sir, we salute you!


>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]

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