Air time with Her Majesty’s Finest

Anyone that comes to the site with any regularity knows that I’m a big fan of Dust and Echoes, and its hosts – Tom and The Woaf.

(For those of you who may be visiting the site for the first time, now you know :-))

It’s only two months ago today that their first podcast went up, and they’ve already developed a personal relationship with Frank O’Connor following of fellow Halo fans who enjoy their audio shaken, not stirred.

But before I degenerate into any more British clichés, let me get to the point – the guys had me on their recent podcast to talk about Contact Harvest and it was a fantastic experience.

Woaf had insightful thoughts/questions, Tom was able to head down to the arcade while we rambled on, and despite my annoying lack of a cool accent the entire thing didn’t derail – so a win-win for everyone.

A HUGE thank you to Dust and Echoes not only for having me on, but for doing what you do. Thank you!

Final note – not only do they talk a good game, but they play one as well.


>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]


  1. It was an awesome episode, nice work. 😀
    You need to go back on once you finish your analysis ‘The Fall Of Reach’ and share your thoughts. It would be cool if it was a regular thing (or every few episodes of DAE).


  2. That Gunslinger,
    Glad you enjoyed it! I was definitely nervous, but both Tom and Woaf were great per usual.

    It’s funny you mention “The Fall of Reach” because that’s the plan – that each time I finish I novel we can go through it. It’s a thrill for me .. and I hope not painfully boring for everyone else 🙂


  3. The pleasure was all ours! I see That Gunslinger had the same idea as us! Great minds and all that. I’m lookin forward to doing it again!


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