Modcast Bulletin (Ep.12)

Modcast #12 wrapped up the Mods’ discussion of Cryptum.

Read on for Part III of the Crypt-Cast!

Appreciated Points

PAX East – Grimbrother One will be there as one of the hosts of “From Lurker to Leader: A Frags to Riches Story”, and you’ll find the panel at the Arachnid Theatre this coming Friday night (4/6) from 8:30 – 9:30pm.

This time it’s personal – the 3rd season of Playtime is out, with the first two episodes already up and running. Warren, Cobra and company are in top form – but where will the story go?

Forerunner slacker – the guys talked about the important role the Confirmer played in the story; not only for his past relationship to the Didact (his former commanding officer), but how through his relaxed vigilance the San ‘Shyuum were able to get weapons and rebel against the Forerunner.

CruelLEGACEY went into what the Confirmer would have meant to both the Didact (seeing his respected superior put out to pasture and reduced to a half-insane warden – that could have been him) and Bornstellar (since he just merged with the Didact and now sees what he could become, he freaks out a bit).

Let’s only use squares – Grim described a specific scene where we get a look at a Halo installation from Bornstellar’s perspective through the lens of what Domain tells him, and you have a newfound reverence/respect for the Halos are and what they represent.

No longer something majestic, but a symbol of death and destruction.

Maniacal laugh not included – enter the Master Builder, a Forerunner who is charged with upholding the Mantle and protecting the species of our galaxy. Yeah Mantle!

However, this comes into conflict with his hatred for certain species (especially humanity) and his desire to wipe them out of existence. Stupid Mantle!

A Contender returns? – Kalamari mentioned that it’s possible we may see Mendicant Bias (of Halo 3 Terminals fame) in Halo 4. If so, will he fill a more direct role? Interesting.

Failure to connect – Bornstellar’s father is another important character in the book and we see his vulnerable side at the sadness of not being able to give his son his first mutation. This is an important moment in the life of a Forerunner family, and to not share it with his son causes him pain.

There is an age gap between them of roughly 10,000 years – so I think they can both be given a little leeway when it comes to their “failure to connect.”

White picket fences – GBO had a great comparison of Forerunner society to a rich social club; when one of their own is shown to be going against club rules they want justice, but in a “you’re-making-us-look-bad” way instead of a “it’s-the-right-thing-to-do” way.

It all breaks loose – this sounds like a great part in the book – “the space battle to end all space battles” is how C-LEG described it.

You’ve got Halo rings popping in and out, multiple Forerunner fleets heading to the Capitol – good stuff that leaves you wanting more.

Still the same but completely different – the process of Bornstellar and the Didact becoming one was brought up, how he (Bornstellar) begins to have conversations with the Didact in his head.

For LEGACEY, the point where the Didact’s personality really comes out is when Bornstellar sees the Librarian and she speaks to him as her husband, as the Didact. And Bornstellar sees her as his wife, even though they’ve just met.

Yeah, I don’t quite get it either – but I’m looking forward to a better understanding after I read the book 🙂

Quotes Worth Repeating

I’m not Lars!

Grimbrother One. Sure, he sounded happy – but he was secretly devastated as this realization sunk in.

If you like Halo, and humanity, and goodness, then you’ll be at the panel

Grim makes the case for his PAX East panel.

I’m glad that the surgery went well to give you extra arms to handle all the controllers and acting

GBO on CruelLEGACEY’s recent hospital stay to create Playtime. Glad to see he’s on the mend!

We’re just going to call him “Geppetto LEGACEY”

Grim helps with the visual – if you had a hard time picturing LEGACEY as master of marionettes, this quote should help

I was going to say his name was “Steve”

Cruel drew a blank on what the Confirmer was called; thanks to GBO he was almost “Steve.”

Let’s just only use squares

After the fear the Halos inspired, Grim speculated the Forerunners moving on to other shapes …

Nice waddle

Ever wonder how to smooth-talk a sexy Prophet? CruelLEGACEY starts you out with this gem

Do me a favor – read those to words to yourself at least three times; I dare you not to laugh

Grimbrother One literally talks himself to sleep

Grim let out a yawn towards the end, and Cruel was right there 🙂

We had to travel through slipspace uphill, both ways

GBO on what Bornstellar’s father might have said to his son if the punk got out of line

It’s basically a Forerunner version of a Manhattan Project going on here.

C-LEG frames the construction of the Halo Array in contemporary terms to great effect

This is going to be kind of awkward

I was a different person. I mean, literally, I was a different person

Kalamari sees things with Bornstellar and Glory of a Far Dawn hitting a rough patch, with Bornstellar merging with another being and all


>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]


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