Modcast Bulletin (Ep.14)

Modcast #14 is up, and as an added bonus we’ve got a live show from PAX East 2012!

Let’s get right to it as the Mods (and special guests) give impressions of the show and the goodness of the Halo Community …

Appreciated Points

Stunning – the opening of the podcast has the Halo theme sung by eight men.

All in one room.

All in different states of inebriation.

You’ve got your price of admission right there.

On the horizon – there was much talk of upcoming games including Ocs Must Die 2 and Far Cry 3, among others. It sounds like a good variety was represented, although a Halo 4 booth would have been nice as well  …

No, I want “B’ to be “jump” instead – based on what was seen at Pax East (and games already out like In the Pit for Xbox Live) it seems like developers are tailoring more games to those with disabilities – and that’s a good thing for everyone.

Anytime an industry looks at its customers and tries to serve them better the entire fan base benefits; this reminded many of the days when you could configure a game pad anyway you wanted, making any set up that best suited your play style possible.

So it’s not make-believe? – Mrs. LEGACEY (she’s the better half of one of the Moderators – I’ll let you guess which) was able to attend the “From Lurker to Leader: A Frags to Riches Story” and it was a cool moment – she got a glimpse of what the fuss over community is all about.

For anyone who has ever tried to explain your passion for Halo and the Community to a significant other, parent or friend, you know what I’m talking about. That moment of realization where they see that you’re not on an island – that this is something real that real people enjoy – is worth its weight in gold. Or credits. Or whatever!

Frags to Riches – [see the entire panel here] the highlight of Pax East, really of this entire year, possibly of life itself, was the already mentioned “From Lurker to Leader: A Frags to Riches Story” panel.

It was headed up by (thank you to GrifballHub for this easily-copy-and-pasted info):

  • Goosechecka, Content and Community Manager for GrifballHub
  • Jeff Easterling / GrimBrother One, Administrator for Halo.Bungie.Org and Monitor at Halo Waypoint
  • Barbara Dunkelman/ BlawnDee, Community Manager for Rooster Teeth Productions
  • Eric Doty / DMZilla, Xbox LIVE Community Manager
  • Jessica Shea / bs angel, Halo Waypoint Community Manager
For those of us who weren’t able to attend, check out the link! it’s a great chance to hear what the admins on the other side of the screen are thinking.
Speaking of thinking, as the room mused about the panel some good points were brought up:
1.) All the different facets of Halo, be in the game play, Grifball, machinima, Forge, etc. give the Community tools to work with, and with those tools great content is generated.
You don’t have to have all those bits and pieces, but it really helps.
2.) GrimBrother One brought up the oft-forgotten piece of the passion puzzle: follow-through. Many people have passion – you’re reading this forum because of a certain passion for Halo – but to make the transition from observer to leader takes work, the drive to see that passion produce something. And that’s where follow-through becomes hugely important.

3.) Dust Storm pointed out how amazing it is that people find their way to Halo the game through Red vs. Blue, Playtime, or another form of entertainment. It is wild that the different applications of Halo are now bigger in some areas than Halo proper itself.

4.) Grim called out the industry (and rightly so I think) on the lack of Theater Mode. Hello, 2007 called and it thinks you’re stupid for not making it a standard feature. Who doesn’t want to save their moments of awesome to watch over and over?

Just another piece of Halo goodness that we take for granted.

5.) Miguel Chavez (of HBO fame) heard the questions from the floor and thought one thing: people were not seeing what was in front of them.

The Community leaders in front of them didn’t get there by asking, “How do I become famous?” They got there by having something to say/do, putting it out there, and then they kept putting it out there.

D-Storm picked up on this by relating the sober truth – instant gratification isn’t going to happen, kiddies. Recognition will only come through the follow-through Grim mentioned earlier, if it even comes at all.

D-A-N-C-E why? because I gotta – Halo Waypoint Dance Mob. Oh yes.

Quotes Worth Repeating

We are full of dude in here

CruelLEGACEY puts it out there – denials are useless

We love you Warhead!

GrimBrother One shows support for the original Lars, UNSC Warhead

He unloaded a wealth of cavity-inducing happiness

Grim shows support for the new Lars (Hypertrooper). The man brought German chocolate!

Has he listened to the show?

GBO and LEGACEY when Mike Conley (Los Lotus) sought them out at Pax East and said he was a fan of the show because it was a “mature” discussion about Halo

(Mike, if you see this let me know if I spelled your name or tag wrong)


Not an actual quote by Rukizzel since he wasn’t there, but I thought this would honor his indecipherable texting throughout the show


>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]


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