O Halo 3, we sing of thee

This past Saturday (4/7/12) saw the successful “Populate Halo 3” day both begin and end, and I was able to take part with a great crew made up of (but not limited to):

It was a great time for both sides of the Atlantic, and much fun was had remembering how to melee with the “B” button 🙂

All the old maps were new again, and whether it was …

  • Construct – I fell off the side while jumping to safety. Hmm.
  • GuardianQuim had my back many times on this one – thanks!
  • Last Resortmost of their team quit; those that did not were destroyed…in good fun
  • NarrowsHey, there’s the ol’ Rocket Launcher!
  • SandtrapWhy can’t I hear anyone?
  • Valhalla I captured the flag. Twice. Yes!
  • StandoffThey’re in the base! Wow, we’re dead. Wait, we won? I love Halo!
  • AvalancheI’m really good at this map. Or I was. Guess not. Where do the weapons spawn again?

I called the day a “success” earlier because whatever numbers were returned anything that gets more people than normal playing a great game should be considered successful.


>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]


  1. a belated post so my apologies, good post here and im honoured to be among the named warriors here. Did I really have your back on guardian because I just remember a red mist decending and then the score coming up. You must have just dodged my friendly fire 😉 love the site by the way I may not get much work done today…


    1. Quim,

      No need for apologies, I’m glad you found the post!

      You may not have felt like it, but you did have my back on Guardian – but if you didn’t notice, that means you also didn’t know how poorly I was playing…so win win.

      Really glad you like the site as well – I’m going to put out the first section on The Fall of Reach soon, so check that out when you can!


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