Prepare to Run: ODST on Legendary Co-op

This past Friday (4/6/12) I had the good fortune of playing through the entire Halo 3: ODST campaign with three friends. Part of what made this special was that it wasn’t planned – I showed up with a copy of the game (just in case, as I saw they were playing it on XBL before I got there) and what started out as “a few” levels quickly turned into “let’s finish this thing!”

I’ve never played through a campaign on any Halo game in co-op mode, so I knew this was going to be something special. What I didn’t know was how fast we were going to go – we beat the game (on Legendary) in a little over 3 hours. I couldn’t believe it!

As someone who only knows the experience of Legendary to be a lonely, terrifying, grip-the-controller-so-hard-you-alter-its-shape endeavor, running through the streets of New Mombasa was something I did not see coming. We could plow through the worst pack of enemies with relative ease as long as someone stayed clear for the respawn.

Not a bad way to get it done, and definitely the best way to pick up the “Campaign Complete: Legendary” achievement. I would like to go back and play through on solo Legendary, but now the pressure is off to get the achievement.

Other achievements I picked up along the way included “Headcase,” “Stunning!” “Good Samaritan” and (by default) “Campaign Complete: Heoric.”

Even at a fast pace I was reminded just how good the game was, and the bonus of playing as a squad was something I hope to repeat sometime soon.

ODST squad
Covies won't know what hit 'em


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  1. Jealous of this to! Co-Op legendary is one of my favourite things to do in Halo. If my plan works out and I move across the Atlantic and get you to adopt me this should be how we spend every Friday.


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