My humility is the size of a Crater

When it comes to any skill set, let’s face it – we’re never as good as we think we are.

Let me rephrase, before I sell everyone else short: when it comes to any skill set, I’m never as good as I think I am. 🙂

I’ve played through the Halo games with varying consistency for the past ten years – with Reach being my most constantly playing title to date – so when someone asks me if I’m any good my response is, “I’m okay.”

(Actually my first response is tear-inducing laughter, but let’s keep this moving…)

The “okay” I refer to is how good I am is compared only to my own career – I’m nothing if you stack me up against other Spartans, but when I look at my overall CSV I have improved.

It was this sense of improvement that brought me to the “Firefight: Crater” achievement on Halo 3: ODST earlier this month on 4/7/2012. (For those of you who have read about recent other events, this was the same weekend.)

Status: Confident.

If I was ever going to get this achievement, this would be the best way. A free evening ahead of me, co-op action with one of the best gamers I know (ISnake86I if you need him) and the skills to see it through. Sure 200,000 points is a big goal – but between the two of us we should be able to get it.

Crater firefight map
Welcome to Crater, now serving generous portions of humble pie


Set on Heroic to get the point count up, Crater took that hope and crushed it with the force of a Chieftain-wielded gravity hammer.

Granted, it was our first time playing the ODST version of Firefight in quite a while, but roughly thirty minutes was about as far as we made it on both attempts.

Status: Humbled.

Yes it was fun – the teamwork was great, Hunters in the “safe” spawn areas and providing support with the turret while Snake took out fools with the hammer were all high points – but make no mistake: the Covenant got the last laugh on this one.

So now what? Do I hang up my MS6 and give up on the Firefight achievements? Definitely not – but if it’s going to happen I think it will have to be through 4-player co-op.

If anyone’s interested (or found out how to get the achievement solo/two-player), please let me know!


>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]


  1. I have that achievement. I either got it with Tom on normal or on my own on easy. Don’t mock me because the thing with ODST is it’s a lot harder than you remember! Reach has softened us up!

    I volunteer my services to your squad if I’m needed. I’m pretty sure Tom would be up for it too. We will have to battle cross atlantic lag as well but we could be lucky!

    I still need 200,000 pointers for Rally Point, Security Zone, Windward and Last Exit myself…

    If I can’t make it for any reason then the the best tip I can remember is save your incendary grenades for the Brute Chieftans. Even on heroic they go down with just one if I remember. Not instantly mind so start running the second their alight. Before if possible.

    That ends this instalment of a cowards tips for halo. Catch you next time!


    1. I would have to agree that Reach has softened me up (Firefight Arcade, specifically) when it comes to facing wave after wave of the Covenant; I’m used to jumping head first into a pack of Brutes rockets blazing, not cowering in fear as the Chieftain closes in.

      I enjoy both “versions” of firefight, but I think they have little cross-training value. The skills you use for Arcade don’t match up to well with what you need to do in traditional firefight.

      That said, I would love to play some classic firefight with both you and Tom; both of you guys would be awesome but whatever can be worked out. I’ve heard it takes a while to get – but that may be a myth spread by those of lesser skill than yourselves… 🙂


  2. I think I still need Windward, Security Zone and Rally Point. But I’ll help with any map to be honest if it’s an excuse to play ODST again. I’ve done Crater before, and it’s probably one of the easiest. But if a Chieftain can get up to the high ground, then it can be… problematic. 😀


    1. Gunslinger!

      Great to see you on here man! I see your footprint in a lot of the same places (Forward Unto Dawn, Playtime forums, Dust and Echoes, etc.) I like to go so I’m glad you’ve made your way here. Welcome!

      Just like I mentioned to Woaf above, I would love to play through those with you and get the firefight achievements on ODST – we could focus on maps you haven’t done yet.


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