Modcast Bulletin (Ep.15)

Modcast #15 / Podtacular #281 / Modtacular #1

No matter what you call it, another great show was put out for posterity by the Waypoint Moderators and the crew of Podtacular.

I found posterity, wrestled it to the ground, and was able to glean these points and quotes – enjoy!

Appreciated Points

Status: existence celebrated – Rukizzel’s birthday makes its first appearance on the Modcast. And there was much rejoicing!

A rose by any other name – the main point discussed was the Game Informer article as the Mods tried to sort out not only what was written, but people’s reactions to it.

GrimBrother One and UNSC Warhead talked about the names given in the article, terms like “firefight” or “forge” that could appear in Halo 4 but be called something different due to Bungie’s possible ownership of those titles.

Also looking at the names, RK pointed out that this is 343’s game now – renaming makes sense if you’re trying to establish a new identity with the franchise.

Keeping their options open – something that has been brought to the community’s attention on Reach matchmaking is that 343 has been somewhat limited in what they can do, how much they can change the variables of the lists to suite what they want to see happen.

It sounds like “Spartan Ops” could be the mode that gives them the freedom they need – a way to incorporate variables on story and gameplay in a way that makes sense.

All the colors of the rainbow – it’s a well-known fact that Forgers want more color; Dust Storm had the great idea of building around themes. You would select either a Forerunner, Human or Covenant theme for the Forge start menu and then could build your map from there.

It will probably be called “Spartan-front” – this is a fantastic idea that has been discussed before (see Modcast #5), and all the Mods are on board: a Star Wars Battlefront-type game set in the Halo universe.

You’ve got everything right there: role-players with a role that matters (good at driving? grab a Hog and get me to that command post soldier!), a space battle based off the multiplayer level “Boarding Action” (thanks RK), not to mention other locations that are begging to be explored. (High Charity anyone? Fighting through the various levels on a huge map with the Dreadnought being a main base? Oh yes.)

“Passionate” is one step removed from crazy – there has been a lot of talk on the forums (and elsewhere) about all the variables that came out of the article (“random” weapon spawns, how armor could effect gameplay, etc.), what a portion of the MLG community thinks of everything, what constitutes a “more level” playing field, and many other hot button topics.

As community leaders, the Mods talked about all these issues and more and I would urge you to listen if you want to hear well-reasoned points on both sides of different issues.

For my part, I can sometimes get lost it all the “controversy” (notice the quote marks there; that gives you a hint at what I think all this angst is worth) – so having them go over some of the main points was helpful.

The proof is in the pudding … a pudding made of context – Kalamari made the point that the GI article wasn’t written to the Halo Community, it was written to consumers – the public at large who buy and love many video games.

I thought this was helpful when thinking about how certain aspects of the game were framed in the writing; many people play Call of Duty so a reference to that type of play, while not spot on, would at least give someone an idea of what to expect.

The sound of awesome: With the announcement of Neil Davidge as the Halo 4 composer, reaction from everyone was mostly positive with Dust Storm appreciating the sample we got as “feeling Forerunner.”

As someone who loves the music from the series and currently has Anniversary in the dashboard, I enjoyed the sample and look forward to the hearing the complete score.

A word on the “Halo theme”: while I will miss the familiar chant if it is not featured in the soundtrack, from a thematic standpoint it makes a lot of sense to me to change it up.

When we first heard that theme and saw Installation 04, it was a sense of awe that was most present. The majestic structure dwarfed the Pillar of Autumn and that theme spoke to the reverence inspired by the Halo ring.

With more of the background of the Installations provided in the Forerunner Trilogy (Cryptum, etc.), the Halos have moved from sacred objects to technological marvels of death; objects used as much for their political power as they life-ending pulse.

Davidge’s music sample, with its more immediate and technical feel, brings us up to speed with that change.

Where Hedge and Mony combine – Grim brought up Hedgemony’s post on Halo.Bungie.Org, and 343’s subsequent pick-up of it in their office. He (Hedge) had spent some time away from Halo so his take reflects some of that perspective.

Dust and Echoes – CruelLEGACEY mentioned this podcast hosted by Tom and The Woaf as something to definitely check out, and as a huge fan of DaE myself I have to second. You get great Halo discussion delivered to you with an official British accent – what could be better?

If you said “nothing!” you are correct.

Quotes Worth Repeating

They Halo 4’d all over the internet

CruelLEGACEY accurately describes what 343 did with all the information we’ve started to receive

So again, what’s so wrong with it?

Because it’s different than what was in Halo 3

Rukizzel asks what’s the big deal about random weapon spawns; C-LEG has the answer

There is a fine line between internet jerk and passionate fan

GrimBrother One pointing out a universal truth.

It’s not like this new guy is re-writing all the other games’ music.

Grim pointing out more truth – the previous soundtracks are still there, even when the new one comes out


>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]

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