For Control of Cybertron

War for Cybertron banner

I’ve been play through Transformers War for Cybertron, and this game has really impressed – I expected it to be okay, but not to deliver on so many fronts:

  • You really feel like a transformer, from the power to the transforming itself
  • The Decepticons and Autobots transform differently – Dec’s harsh, Auto’s a smooth transition
  • The story is so well done – I would have loved this episode if I was watching it back in the 80s
  • The lighting on each level has fantastic atmosphere, and the settings themselves each tell a story around you as you travel through the game
  • The dialogue for each respective transformer is spot on – from Optimus blasting “Decepticon punks!” to Megatron going on about all the glory due him, it’s fantastic. It’s a case of bad dialogue being just what the game needs to stay true to the source material
  • Never in a game have sidekicks actually done their job … until now. In both campaigns, the guys on your team continually pull their weight and help. Nice!

I’ve played through the Decepticon campaign (the first five levels chronologically) and am now on “Kaon Prison Break ” (fighting Soundwave) which is proving to be the toughest level by far.

Even on the hardest difficulty I’ve been able to cruise through most of it – thank you sniper rifle – but without that rifle and very closed environments I’ve been forced to get up close to the enemies, and that makes it tougher.

Fighting Omega Supreme through several levels at the end of the Decepticon campaign was also great; he was huge and it was satisfying to take him down.

All the boss battles have been done really well; a sense of grand scale and tension. Zeta Prime in his chamber was memorable, causing the room itself to attack me – great stuff.

I also like how the campaigns are separate – when I was playing as Megatron, I knew the Autobots were out there somewhere, waiting. Now that I’m playing as Optimus, I know what a formidable foe the Decepticons are because I know what it took to get them to power with the Dark Energon.

The way the two sides play off each other this way makes the campaign more epic as you go.

Playing as Megatron and especially Optimus Prime has been great fun as well – again, the epicness is felt when you’re controlling these storied characters.

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