On the way to Skingard

It’s funny how a game you weren’t planning on playing can grab you when you least expect it.

Enter Oblivion, and the hours I played it this past weekend when the plan was to get to bed early ūüôā

I decided to pursue the “Seeking Your Roots” quest and that meant travel to Skingard, the furthest I had ever been from the Imperial City and my starting point.

While it was raining almost the entire travel time, when the sky cleared the outside of the town and the surrounding farms and forests were gorgeous. Some sights that stuck out:

Skingrad graveyard

Skingrad graveyard

A surprise find (and it’s not even marked in anything official according to uesp.net), but interesting. I liked how it was just there to be there – no quest tied to it, nothing to find or no one to seek out – just a cool detail there for its own sake.


Silorn ruins

A classy group of¬†Ayleid ruins southeast of Skingrad, the sun was going down when I found it and scene was great. I didn’t explore the crypts underneath the ruin (why ruin the¬†picturesque memory of the beautiful sunset?), but exploring the waterfall and steps around the ruin was fun.

The girls watched me play this area a bit, and they kept wanting me to do something and head to the castle; but they found out that a lot of me playing this game is the exploring, and just trying to take it in.

Castle Skingrad

Castle Skingrad

After I satisfied my¬†curiosity with the surrounding grounds, it was time to head for the town … or rather what I thought was the town. It turned out to be Castle Skingrad, and I roamed around the courtyard opening what doors I could (barracks, the first part of the dungeon, etc.).

The castle was impressive, and at night especially so with the torches lit along the bridge to the front door.

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