Modcast Bulletin (Ep.16)

Modcast 16 now belongs to the ages, and I was privileged to ride this wave.

Points and quotes below!

Appreciated Points

Elevator speech – many thanks to all the Mods for having me on, and to CruelLEGACEY for the kind intro. I stand by what I said – it was great to be on. It was a little disconcerting to actually hear myself in the discussion, although going back through it I mostly laugh a lot.

That’s pretty true to life, so I’m not going to worry about it 🙂

Like most conversations I always think of what I want to say after they’re over, and with that in mind I wanted to add something to C-LEG’s  “What’s Reactive Bias all about?” question.

The site is my personal take on the Halo-verse as a whole, but with the content (and Modcast Bulletins in particular) I’m trying to hold onto the good times as well. Whether it’s playing a game with friends, reading a novel or listening to the Modcast, these are great times that literally fly by.

How often have you thought you’d grab a quick game of multiplayer, and an hour went by? Or you started reading on of the books and you got lost in the world all over again? These privileges are hard to hold onto, but I hope by writing/posting about them that not only myself but others can have something to look back on and remember the sweetness.

Last thing – Grim mentioning my writing in the same sentence as Ascendant Justice and that is a HUGE honor. Many thanks to him, and to them for setting the bar sky-high so the rest of us having something to aim for.

The mysterious Spartan Ops – since there is still a lot of speculation this point, the Mods worked with what they had in discussing Spartan Ops. What will the cut-scenes be like, pre-rendered or in-game? Related to this question, who will the cut-scenes follow – your Spartan or new characters that will be introduced? What will be included on the retail disk, and how will this new content be rolled out?

It’s a mystery!

Das Kalk is hoping for more than a glorified Firefight mode – he wants something that will give us more story and deliver on the episodic feel that’s been talked about.

CruelLEGACEY is hoping Spartan Ops will give 343 the chance to tweak the settings much more responsively; the idea that as feedback comes in from the community the next set of Spartan Op missions would have those updates.

GrimBrother One brought up the possibility of the Spartans eventually fulfilling the role they were created for – suppressing the Insurrection. Could one of your away missions be against your fellow humans?

It’s a mystery!

The 343 cannon quilt of awesome – it was pointed out that the direction 343 is taking with the fiction is a great thing. That direction involves more work, but it means that everything– the games, books, live-action shorts, whatever – will tie into everything else as one cohesive story.

Put another way, the goal is to have all the different threads of the universe work together to make a beautiful cannon quilt that you and that special someone can wrap yourselves up in at night.

What!? Your special someone doesn’t care for the cannon quilt!? No problem, more for you. And let’s face it – they weren’t that special.

Reward shower as a form of investment – LEGACEY brought up that he’s starting to see a bit of a backlash when it comes to all the emphasis placed on awards (unlocks/rewards/medals) in a game. This wasn’t something he saw 343 doing, but other games pushing these awards to the point it eclipses game play it’s based on, i.e., you play the game to get the award then you’re done.

Is this a good or bad thing? Does it matter? I personally enjoy getting the medals/commendations in Reach not for their own sake, but because it reminds me of all the good times I’ve had. I usually don’t have the time to re-watch all the matches I’ve played and save the great moments to film, so I like be able to take glance and see x number of double-kills and think, “those were good times.”

What do you guys think? Is there too much stress on in-game rewards in games today?

Made with real peoples – with the announcement of the Forward Until Dawn live-action shorts, everyone was tingling with excitement about what they will contain and how they will look.

I’m DayandKnightly and I approve this tingling 🙂

A more civilized society – for the record, UNSC Warhead is not from Iceland but the much superior country of Norway.

Quotes Worth Repeating

Hello everybody and welcome to Waypoint Community Modcast Episode 16, May 4, 2012. It’s our sweet 16th today guys.

Uh, it’s May 3rd


CruelLEGACEY and GrimBrother One both combine their power to give us the new best opening, explicit edition. (For the other best opening please see Episode 6)

They’re [the quotes] going to be all me, they’ll all be great, and they may or may not have been things I actually said.

We feel the same way about every podcast when it’s done.

Grim confirms it – the Mods can neither confirm or deny what is said during the Modcast

My liver is slowly dying from this podcast

Das Kalk sacrifice is our gain

This is what I’d be writing if I had time, so I’m glad someone else had time

But instead you write sexual innuendos on the front page of HBO

Kalk does some compare/contrast with what Grim would like to write, and what he actually writes

Lars, the first time we had you on I added the explicit tag onto the podcast…

C-LEG’s wise precaution

I know it’s tiny and I’m happy that it’s tiny

SirPwn4g3 at 39:39. Per request, no context provided 🙂

UNSC. What about UNSC did you not understand, Jeff?

Warhead, right before being taken out by everyone else

Curling is awesome because it looks like the best of shuffleboard and sweeping decks.

Truth, courtesy of GrimBrother One

Who’s doing the music, actually?

Oh I am.

You’re doing the music. Oh. Awesome.

Heh. Cause it’s Yoink!

UNSC starts, Cruel answers, and Das Kalk jumps in.

What’s your cosplay?

No no, I just cosplay as myself but with a large hammer.

SirPwn4g3 asks, and Warhead proves that when you’re that awesome there’s only one character you should cosplay as: yourself


>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]

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