The 5 Lions


Netflix gave me the first episode of Voltron last night, and it was fun to relive my childhood for the twenty-three minutes it lasted.

I might watch a few more, at least until the Lions coming into play – I mean the first episode didn’t even have Voltron in it!

We saw the “space adventures” and how they ended up coming to planet Ares; the lion statue at the front of the castle guided them down after their daring escape from the planet Doom.

Something that caught my eye – I think Keith and Hunk both prayed. They put there hands together and asked for help. I didn’t know what to make of it (sincere, marketing, what?).

The story of how Hagar the witch disguised herself as an angel to trick Voltron so she could put a curse on him was interesting as well – that whole concept was more mystic/spiritual than you would’ve thought for a kid’s cartoon in the 80s.

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