The Reichenbach Fall

The Final Problem

A good episode, but one I need to watch more to appreciate. Translation: it moves fast and I’m comparing it to the book in my head as I’m watching it, so I need to see it again to actually process the story and choices made in an organized manner.

They took it in an interesting direction with the goal being the ruination of Sherlock’s reputation, and Moriarty’s play that Holmes made him up in order to appear clever. When he appeared as the actor “Richard Brooks” in the reporter’s apartment, I thought at first that the person we had seen as Moriarty wasn’t him after all, and we wouldn’t see him until the next series. I shared the same anger and confusion when John and Holmes see him.

(A great article on about the episode, very well-written.)

So where to from here? Time will tell, but Series 3 can’t get here soon enough 🙂

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