Spartan Ops DNE War Games

Does Not Equal

Yesterday I posted about the term “Spartan Ops” and how that had been changed to “War Games.”

I was happy about this change and made a hilarious reference to dentists; that was pretty much it.

While my post was filled with excellent writing and humor, it was not filled with truth as this video illustrates.

It seems the term “Spartan Ops” will be sticking around as the episodic content, while “War Games” refers specifically to muliplayer matchmaking.

Sorry about the misinformation!


>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]


    1. Bryan,
      Thanks for the comment and I completely agree – when I heard (or believed I heard) “War Games” was the official name my first thought was “thank goodness!”

      But, it looks like I’ll just have to sing the praises of “Spartan Ops” instead. 🙂


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