Modcast Bulletin (Ep.17)

With all the E3 news that has come out, Modcast 17 seems like ages ago … remember back when we didn’t know who the enemy was going to be in Halo 4?

You don’t? then you’re in luck – appreciated points, questions from the floor and quotes below!

Appreciated Points

Give me the details! The Halo 4 box art came out in pieces emailed out, and it took the Halo community all of two minutes to get that done. The reward was a sweet shot of our hero descending into Requiem, and the Mods were glad to have a cover that was more interesting than a giant “4”.

The Limited Edition of Halo 4 was also reveled, and as someone who has trouble deciding between versions of awesome I was glad it was narrowed down to two. With one or the other, it’s much easier for me to justify spending a little more to get the limited.

So if the goal was to get people like to me cross over into limited territory, mission accomplished!

Put it in my hands – Snickerdoodle brought up (and everyone agreed) one detail that they’d like to have changed; they would rather have a DVD to hang onto of the upcoming Forward Unto Dawn live-action series.

As it’s currently understood if you purchase the Limited Edition you’ll be able to stream it on Waypoint, but that makes you dependent on someone else when having the product in your hands would be ideal.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was something offered down the road, but for now it will only be available online.

Those aren’t my Elites – Rukizzel does not like “The Duel” (of Halo Legends). I bring it up so other people don’t if you happen to be in a conversation 🙂

At least bring flowers – while not always exactly on the day, there is a Waypoint Community Playdate on the third Thursday (or was that the second to last Thursday of every month?) of every month.

Check the forums for updates, and your chance to play with the crew!

A burst from the sunL0s L0tus hooked up with CruelLEGACEY for some multiplayer and went Sunburst! Ladies and gentlemen, beware the red beam of death.

A Question from the Floor

Apologies to anyone whose name is incorrect! (Send me an email or leave a comment and I’ll fix it no problem)

From Commander K. Shepard, via Twitter:

Will we see ODST’s on Halo 4?

Most of the mod’s say yes, we will see the Helljumpers at some point. Rukizzel and Das Kalk are looking forward to some quality time with just Chief and Cortana – at least for a little while.

From Erickyboo:

What does “CL” stand for?

Per CruelLEGACEY, “CL” stands for community leader, a predecessor to the role of moderator. That was before they had ultimate power! (And by “ultimate power,” I mean “overloaded Inboxes.”)

Do you guys think that, while Spartan Ops is the spiritual successor to Firefight, another reason for Firefight not being there is due to the limited disk space?

The Mods thought it more of an evolution of Firefight, so the need for a separate mode of FF wouldn’t be needed – and it sounds like 343 can use all the extra space they can get for Halo 4.

This question lead into some good discussion of the state of Firefight as it current is in Reach, with Rukizzel as a fan of Arcade and Snickerdoodle agreeing, but that it can get old quick for other people.

LEGACEY mentioned how the NEP (new enemy progression) option they’ve added to Firefight is a welcome addition to the gametype, as it hasn’t seen much attention since the game’s release.

Are you guys going to get good night’s sleep to prepare for the post-E3 forum moderation?

I think the general response was “no.” 🙂

From Schatten Blitze:

If you are traveling eighty miles per hour how long will it take you to travel eighty miles?

That answer can be found here, the video at the bottom.

PhNx Hellfire had two questions:

Given all the information we currently know concerning Multiplayer Matchmaking, do you think the experience is going to be a mold of Halo 1-3 and Reach in the sense of people finding specific elements attributed to one Halo game, but not associating more then a handful of those attributes to the same Halo game?

Different people have different ideas of what was good in the previous games and what should go or stay, so it makes it hard to call which game it will resemble.

For example, CruelLEGACEY is looking for sandbox goodness, while others like the solidness of Reach (Rukizzel).

Based on what we know right now, how do you think people will come to define Halo 4‘s experience within the confines of each element? (Spartan Op’s, Campaign, Multiplayer specifically)

Unfortunately, the Mods felt there’s just not enough info to define what will be what yet.

Snicks pointed out that even though we know a lot of cool stuff, there’s still so much we don’t know. Even after E3, I feel like that’s still true!

Wishing doesn’t make it so – Sam had a good point that people should be careful how they approach Halo 4 – people’s expectations could be setting them up for a let down, thinking that the game has to be a certain way.

DK agreed, as a lot of people define Halo differently – we’ve got to be ready to have things in there that don’t match up with what we personally think Halo has to be.

No place like home – have you ever thought to yourself, “if only there was one place on the web that I could find everything for the Modcast?”

No? Well, then file it under “things you should have thought to yourself.”

The Waypoint Community Modcast now has it’s own homepage,  – you’ll find host bios, links to all the Modcast Bulletins, an episode index – and as a bonus, they’re all completely covered in awesome. Go get some!

Quotes Worth Repeating

Today features the return of Rukizzel!


CruelLEGACEY set him up for the grand return and Rukizzel … hey, he kept it casual

And Scott really sat there and had a full-blown conversation with us like that; I didn’t take to kindly to it.

Rukizzel calls out Das Kalk on the “teapot incident.” Short and stout baby, short and stout

As we all know, British accents do two things: they make you sound smarter and funnier

Das Kalk upon the mention of Dust and Echoes

Everybody buy everything

LEGACEY’s solution to the idea of people not having all the DLC for Halo 4

It wasn’t the food it was the ‘itis!

Rukizzel on the definitive term for your reaction when you eat too much. Or maybe it was the meat sweats (CL), or a the food coma (Das Kalk) …

Don’t say the ending – I’ll punch you

DK to CruelLEGACEY on Mass Effect 3.

I think that making it appealing to a larger audience and making a, like a deep, you know interesting game are not mutually exclusive. You can do both of those things, you know, and have it be successful. You can make a game that sells a ton of copies but is also really fantastic.

Das Kalk makes the point that you can have your cake and eat it too. With Halo, it doesn’t have to be one or the other – it is possible to make a game that sells great AND actually is a good game.

They’re waiting for a game that no one’s actually making

CruelLEGACEY on expectations

I have a suspicion that there will be some news worth talking about

CL predicts (correctly!) that E3 will have a lot in store …

The next two Modcasts sort through the explosion of goodness that was E3 2012. Stay tuned …


>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]

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