Forerunners are fond of hats

While this post title is not the opening sentence of Cryptum, it has definitely has been my favorite so far 🙂

I began going through the audio book yesterday and now in Chapter 6; The Didact has spoken his first words to Bornstellar after being awakened from his (Didact’s) Cryptum, Chakas and Riser are waiting outside after singing their songs given (programmed into) them by The Librarian, and the War Sphinxes wait patiently for their next order.

It’s definitely a different read – I’ve heard it described as “old-school science fiction” – but once adjusted to it pulls you in the same as any other good story.

With Bear’s focus on setting and mood verses character and action (currently reading The Fall of Reach), I find myself getting out of the car after listening to the text and I feel I need a few moments to come back to the planet, to adjust to my life after having been absorbed into another.

Part of it has to do with the form; being read to frees my mind from the work of reading and thus more feeling, more imaging takes place. Add that to my natural bent to daydream while travelling and you can see why coming home from work has been more like waking up from a dream than turning off a CD.

Already some things have stuck out to me:

  • Intro by Greg Bear – I didn’t expect this but it was a nice touch, to have the author give me a bit of background and wish me well on my journey.
  • AI translator’s note – before the book even beings starts to set the mood, one of mystery and technology
  • Tugging threads – journey, daring, betrayal and fate. In the book’s intro on page nine, Bornstellar lists these words as “the tugging threads of this part of the tale.” I believe these words describe the theme of several synchrons that we will encounter throughout the Forerunner Saga. They are the “knots creeping forward on your string of time.”

As I listen, I find myself wanting a picture of what’s being described – of the Djamonkin Crater and the walls and traps that surround it, or the mud huts and balloon airships of Marontik.

I can’t believe I’d be the only one interested in Halo: The Forerunner Saga – The Visual Guide. Am I right? 🙂

With the Halo Universe you never know – that just might be coming down the pipe. Until then Erde-Tyrene will be in my mind’s eye and my car’s player.


  1. Ooh. I’ve just started re-reading Cryptum and I’m very much enjoying it (for the third time!). I love heading into the forerunner saga again with the new, possibly irrelevant, information gleaned from the E3 campaign reveal. Tiny little nuggets of the text seem to have more significance to my flights of rampant fanboy speculation. I’m currently putting far to much weight on the fact that the Didacts War-sphinxes have BLUE hard light joints.

    Blue! Not Orange?

    While we did see a blue Promethean Knight at the end of the campaign reveal. The others we’ve encountered where orange. A similar orange to the beam that passed through the Infinity causing panic… which was almost identical to the one that sphere emitted to scan the chief before chasing after the crashing UNSC mega-ship… and that is the same orange they chose for that forerunner symbol we saw… which is slightly different to the one we saw in the Halo 3 Terminals…

    Is this significant?

    If it is… what could it mean!

    It’s probably nothing.

    But then again…


    1. Well, we know it IS significant because when 343’s company line is “everything matters,” you can bet details like this won’t give us the whole story, but they will tie in together.

      As I was listening the fact that the Didact’s crew had blue hard light joints did jump out at me, for the same reason it did to you – what do the colors mean?

      And now (per Greg Bear) there are TWO Didacts?! That’s just crazy talk! (Thanks for mentioning that quote on the show by the way, I hadn’t heard it anywhere else.)

      This is why I’m excited to finally be able to go through the Forerunner Saga, at least a little bit; I’ve heard everyone else talk about all the cool connections, but to be able to read (listen to) the story for myself has felt good.


  2. I have just stumbled apon this site from cruellegacyproductions from the waypointmodcast website and am very please to have done so for i really appreciate the forerunner sagas in so much that i have read cryptum specifically 5 times and this last time threw i have highlighted passages and taken notes on every chapter.
    Your really on the dot on questioning the coloring of the differen AIs because later in the book (chapter 32) it will talk alot about this color coding and the different colors there are. . .
    Thanks for the article and i will start looking at this site frequently.


    1. Killer,
      Thanks for checking out the site and the kind words! I’m glad you found your way here from the other sites, it’s been a privilege to be represented on each of them.

      Kudos on the 5x read-through! While I’ve heard everyone else talking about the Forefunner Saga, it’s been great to hear the details myself in this first “listen-through.”

      I’m on chapter twenty-one so I’ll look forward to hearing more about the colors upcoming – I’m sure everything will be completely explained and there will be no mystery left … ha! 😀

      if you’ve read (or are interested in) any of the other Halo novels, I’m going through them chronologically – you can check out my thoughts on the “Novel Reactions” tab at the top.

      Thanks again!


  3. I love the halo books! Im currently in the middle of primordiom and confused? Can anyone explain or help? I am on ch 12 and i dont care if its a spoiler


    1. Alexio,
      First, thanks for the comment and stopping by the blog!

      Second, here are a three of places I you can find help:

      1.) Forward Unto Dawn forums – This is a fantastic site full of people who love the Halo fiction. Definitely head here first

      2.) Halo Waypoint forums – Specifically, the “Halo Universe” section which you can find here

      3.) Halopedia – If you’re looking to discover the secrets of Halo without having to follow a forum thread, then head here. You’ll find more info than you knew existed, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself still clicking on links and hour later

      Hope that helps man! I’ll be going through Greg Bear’s books here on Reactive Bias as well, so keep an eye out 🙂


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