My other ride is a Cryptum

There are times when the fiction of Halo can spill over into life in ways you don’t expect.

On my way home from work last week I was listening to the last half of Cryptum, picturing in my mind’s eye the Deep Reverence and how it might have looked in its glory days when I had an unexpected thought – I’m about to get in an accident.

I’m okay and no one was injured, so that’s the main thing. Sadly that is not the case for the car – totaled.

After the accident was cleaned up a series of statements and questions spun through my brain, and I had to laugh at some of them – I think you’ll be able to tell which:

  • Everyone okay? Good
  • How bad is the damage?
  • If my car would have been of Forerunner design this would never have happened.
  • I should gather up my stuff
  • What would the Didact have done in this situation? Why won’t his memories answer me?
  • Good thing I didn’t waste my money on a scheduled oil change
  • Did the Librarian arrange all of this?
  • How am I going to get to work tomorrow?
  • Did I leave Riser in the trunk? Better check

Next time I’m taking the Warrior Keep to work.


>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]


  1. I hope you’re ok dude.
    And uh, not to mock you, but this reminded me of something…

    Hope everything works out for you. 😀


    1. No one was hurt so that’s the main thing; thanks for the comment!

      At the very least, my incident let you reset “Real Men of Halo,” so some good came out of it!


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