Modcast Bulletin (Ep.19)

Here’s Part II of the Mod’s E3 2012 discussion about Halo 4 … enjoy!

Appreciated Points

Through the Clouds – Das Kalk was a big fan of the E3 demo, and felt it transitioned from the live-action into the game really well. Coux73 thought it was carrying on the great precedent already set by the live-action Reach trailers, so it was good to see 343 keeping the bar high.

Who watches the Watchers? – While CruelLEGACEY thought the Promethean Watchers looked great, he’s looking forward to seeing how they fit into the new sandbox. Everyone who’s played against them says they’re fantastic, but he can’t wait to see for himself.

I can’t wait to have my wildly off-course grenade throw shot back at me in defiance – who’s with me?!

Watch your six … and three and nine while you’re at it – Several of the Mods are excited to see the possible return of crazy three-way battles, reminiscent of Halo Combat Evolved. Forerunners, Covenant and Spartans oh my!

No ordinary ordinances? – Der Flatulator was skeptical at first, but the idea of ordinance drops have started to grow on him. The idea that the game types are split up in how they handle the weapon drops (i.e., “infinity slayer” verses “slayer”) is a welcome one, and Snickerdoodle reminded us all that this is a demo – so we don’t know what will change between now and November.

Optimal Ops – Everyone was looking forward to the merging of campaign with multiplayer in Spartan Ops, but on one condition: the network has to run well.

To think that this new mode and exciting new game type would fail because of network lag seems like something 343 would be looking out for, so we’ll see when we have the game in our hands.

Elusive Eagle talked about the natural progression of Firefight, and its transformation into Spartan Ops. To think how far it’s come from ODST is pretty wild.

Mod props – DK brought some love to the Halo Council, they’re handling the MLG discussion in a respectful and well-informed way.

He also gave a shout out to Tsassi on the Waypoint forums as someone who may not like where Halo is going, but presenting that opinion in a constructive way.

Flatulator on Cyren over at the Halo Council for all the E3 stuff as well as SlightlyLive from Forward Unto Dawn. They really covered E3 well for the rest of us.

Grim called out The Little English Halo Blog for all the updates/reporting that Flawless Cowboy is going over there. Nice!

He also thanked ReadyUpLive (and Greenskull in particular) for putting out quality stuff as quick as they do.

A Question from the Floor

Apologies to anyone whose name is incorrect! (Send me an email or leave a comment and I’ll fix it no problem)

PhNx Hellfire:

What do you guys think of 343 incorporating  the movement and behavioral patterns of the Covenant in the E3 Halo 4 preview? (i.e., when the Elite kicks the Grunt to move)

CL liked the interaction, and is hoping to see more interaction between the different ranks of the Forerunners

Kalk’s counter-point was that since they’re AI, they don’t need to have a reactions the same way an organic would.

CL’s counter-counter-point was (from a game play standpoint) that it would be dull if that don’t interact.

DayandKnightly: (what? I can’t ask a question?)

1.) Were you guys surprised at the overall positive reaction from the gaming press at large? I expected more of a “meh” from publications outside the Halo Community, but the overall sense seems to be pretty good.

Grim talked about how the press seemed to be a little tired of the of the military shooting

Das Kalk was a little surprised and the good feeling, but it’s neat to see people come back to Halo

Rukizzel was more surprised that the forums liked it.

2.) Were you guys always excited about “the line between fiction, competitive multiplayer and campaign” being erased?

Everyone was pretty much excited about it from the beginning, and Grim pointed out that it has one of those rare win-win results – it’s only a good thing. If you care about multiplayer tying into the greater fiction, you’re happy. If you could care less, then you care less – and you’re still happy.

Likean8 via Twitter:

Do any of the mods have a favorite thread or forum subject right now or from this past week?

  • Grim: “Yo” and the “Terminals” mega-thread
  • Der Flatulator: “Waypoint bugs thread”
  • Das Kalk: “Halo 4 word lib thread”
  • CruelLEGACEY: “Official Mythic thread”
  • Rukizzel – “Are you on Twitter?”
  • Snickerdoodle: Cat/Grenade

Forsaken Mango:

Did you think we’ll see any Spartan II or III’s that were incorporated into the Spartan IV program in the Spartan Ops program?

The general reaction was no, but they thought the ODST’s may show up. (Helljumper Helljumper where you been!)

Quotes Worth Repeating

Yeah Major Teapot!

Snickerdoodle approves of Das Kalk’s new moniker

Rukari is just trolling me hard

DK responds to RK’s teapot texting

I got shivers

You know that part where Cortana yells that you can’t leave the planet? Kalk remembers it … and shakes

Welcome to five minutes ago

Grim made a good point … so good that it was already made five minutes before he joined the discussion. Cruel calls him out on it

Yeah, I can boot him if we need to though

CL on the fact that if SirPwnage wants to talks fiction, he’s welcome to (at his own peril)

You accidently sent it to Lars and now he’s cursing you for the spoiler

LEGACEY on where Sir P’s  text on Requiem really went

Let’s steer clear of the Cryptum spoilers though

Yeah we don’t want to ruin the height

DK keeps the Cryptum details to a minimum, while Grim wonders how important the height of a Promethean is

I want you to say things in a positive way, that doesn’t mean you have to agree with what I’m saying

GrimBrother One lays out the golden rule of forum discussion


>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]

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