Modcast Bulletin (Ep.22)

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Appreciated points

The début of the Los – Episode 22 was the intro of Los Lotus, a fan of the Modcast that came up to CruelLEGACEY and GrimBrother One at the most recent Pax East in Boston.

We got the breakdown of his history with Halo, from lugging TVs around in the college days and playing on the university network to gaming with a core group of friends for the past five or six years.

This lead to the ago old question – what do you call someone you’ve only met online when you meet in person? Do you go with real name or gamertag?

Whichever you use, there’s only one word for certain kinds of people – and that word is hater. I’m describing those who still send Los hate mail because he’s an Inheritor.

(Well, I suppose that’s not the only reason – I think it has to do with the fact that he stomped them during the game. I doubt the haters hate when they beat an Inheritor.)

The bumps of a goose are priceless – Kalimari got goosebumps during the Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn trailer, and that’s no small feat.

Backing up the car – LEGACEY recounted a great Star Wars expanded universe illustration. The idea is Lucas lets other writers create stories and play with his toys, but when he has an idea those stories are run over at their peril.

Right now 343 is actively working to make sure that business model doesn’t become SOP, and the Mods hope it stays that way.

Meant to be (semi-)scary – CL noticed a slight horror vibe running through the FUD trailer, and he liked it. You see the cadets getting freaked out about the Covenant, and it gives the audience a chance to see how formidable this new enemy can/will be.

Giving the people what they want – The Halo franchise has already established quality live-action work with commercials, shorts and fan-films that have been done in the past so the web series seems like a naturally progression.

Each Mod had their past favorite – UNSC Warhead liked Halo 3’s Believe campaign, DK the ODST and Birth of a Spartan for Cruel LEGACEY.

Looking for Laskey – Das Kalk loves the intersecting lines of fiction, and how Laskey will be in Spartan Ops. Simply put, I agree 🙂

I feel the Halo-verse is at its strongest when fans can see the links that bind the various chains of the universe together, and making Laskey a cross-platform character is one such link.

Los brought up that Laskey may be the first character outside of Chief and Cortana that has been featured this prominently, which gives a hint at just how important a character he is/will become.

LEGACEY is looking forward to seeing how Laskey and the Chief interact, as they’ll be around the same age. Kalk picked up on this and wondered how they will play the two characters off each other – if they (Laskey and the Chief) will be rivals or they if will inspire each other.

CruelLEGACEY, ONI operative – CL talked about what is was like to get the invite out to Vancouver, having to sit on the inside info he had for so long and the experience of watching the filming firsthand.

He enjoyed watching the tricks of the trade up close – how using different angles or zooming the camera up in someone’s face to make things look a certain way let you do a lot of things with a limited amount of space.

Forge is lookin’ good – At the time of this Modcast information had been recently released on the Forge Mode for Halo 4 and the updates were welcomed.

Locking a piece and how you move them around the environment are big changes, even if it doesn’t seem like it on the surface. Dynamic lighting, player traits being modified in specific zones, etc. – per CL we’re really going to see some great fan-creations given these changes.

Please turn off all cell phones – After talking about Forge, the subject naturally moved into theater mode – what will it be like? Bungie did a great job, and it’s a crime (a crime!) that more games haven’t incorporated this feature.

They did stats as well – Not only did Bungie know how to create a theater, they knew how to keep stats (really ahead of their time in that department, as Los pointed out). The Mods are waiting to see how will 343i will beef up that stats on Waypoint with the new game coming out.

Personally I’m looking for the “almost” medal. It would be similar to the “close call”, but for offense – as in “you almost got that kill, so here’s a medal.” I’d max that out in a matter of months.

Quotes Worth Repeating

It’s the new Goldeneye

Los Lotus on what Halo multiplayer meant to a lot of people

If the standard is the original Mortal Kombat movie …

Live-action video game tie-ins don’t have an impressive track record, as Los’s quote reminds us

I totally could have fit in a duffel bag

SirPwnage argues that CL could have taken him along to Vancouver …

Again with the segue. How do you keep doing this?!

Cruel is blown away by Los’s sweet transitions

In one episode we should do nothing but “that’s what she said” jokes without saying “that’s what she said.”

Kalamari come up with what might be the greatest show idea ever. But who knows – maybe it’s already happened … gasp!


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