Land Grab – complete Spartan Ops intel

Sal over at has begun an ambitious project I want to highlight here, not only to get the word out but also for my own reference in the future when playing through Spartan Ops.

Spartan Ops holotable
Click the pic to head to Episode 1 “Departure”, Mission 1 “Land Grab”

In his aptly named “Mission by Mission” series you’ll get all the intel you need to tackle every Spartan Ops outing, including:

  • Detailed maps, complete with Sal’s recommended path through the carnage
  • Recommended weapon loadouts
  • Tips on how each specific Spartan Ops mission will help you complete your commendations
  • Enemy counts
  • Comprehensive walk-through of the entire mission, letting you know what’s coming and how best to handle it

This is the kind of break-down Cortana would love, as rumor has she likes a little more intel with her intel 🙂

Head over to HaloFanForLife and check it out!

Last thing – if you’re looking to listen rather than read, HFFL and Podtacular have partnered to produce a mini-series of podcasts covering Spartan Ops – check out the Departure episode along with Sal’s notes and you’ll rival Roland in his knowledge of what the Spartan IV’s aboard Infinity are up to.


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