Sniper Alley – complete Spartan Ops intel

Sal of is out with the next Spartan Ops mission breakdown in his “Mission by Mission” series; this time it’s Episode 1 “Departure”, Mission 2 “Sniper Alley”

Spartan Ops holotable
Click the pic to head to Episode 1 “Departure”, Mission 2 “Sniper Alley”

Head over to HaloFanForLife and check it out!

Last thing – if you’re looking to listen rather than read, HFFL and Podtacular have partnered to produce a mini-series of podcasts covering Spartan Ops – check out the Departure episode along with Sal’s notes and you’ll rival Roland in his knowledge of what the Spartan IV’s aboard Infinity are up to.


>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]

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