In some places the Halo canon violated itself

The Halo team stepped into big shoes when they were brought on board by Microsoft and 343 Industries to create a show that bridged the gap betweenHalo 3 and 4. Producer Feldman told the audience that 343 gave more or less free reign in the millennia long Halo timeline to craft a story so long as they didn’t violate canon.

Director Hendler pointed out that in some places the Halo canon violated itself. With that freedom, however, they were able to craft not only a story that they wanted to tell– complete with moral shades of gray– but as Feldman points out they were able to take that story and make it the background for one of the key supporting characters in both Halo 4 and its serialized extension “Spartan Ops”.

– taken from “Transmedia Powered Webseries Take the Spotlight” article via Turnstyle as reported by Halo.Bungie.Org on 1/17/13

I thought this quote taken from the director of the Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn webseries was worth highlighting because it had guts.

They may have been “webseries-already-a-success-so-it’s-not-as-big-a-deal” guts, but guts none the less.

There are many questions Halo fans have wanted to ask Bungie/343 Industries over time that revolve around the Halo cannon, so to know that the director of Halo’s first official foray into live-action had those same questions was nice to see.


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