Lone Wolves with a Teammate

Yesterday’s (2.4.13) matchmaking update saw the addition of Team Doubles (including Infinity Doubles, Doubles Pro and CTF Doubles) to the playlsits of Halo 4 – and there was much rejoicing.

Part of that rejoicing came from me, and that’s due to the fact that since starting this blog I’ve moved from an “anti-social-random” to a “semi-less-anti-social random.”

Most of my gaming career (I love calling it that) has been enjoyed solo, and it’s only recently that I’ve been a part of a group of friends that I look forward to gaming with.

Which brings me back to the excitement of Team Doubles, of the thrill of you and a comrade-in-arms matching wits against opponents in the same tense situation.

Because of the small team size the impact of each kill, score and medal is felt all the more keenly and I foresee my iron-grip on the controller becoming even more … “iron-ish”.

Friendship, I salute you for enabling me to enjoy Team Doubles. Here’s to some good games!


>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]

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