A Salute to Crimson(s)

We’ve bid farewell to Crimson in two ways this week, the first being the Crimson playlist and second our role as Crimson Team in Spartan Ops Season 1.

As is only right, I’ve decided to write a few words to honor both these events. First the playlist:

Crimson DLC playlist, we salute you. Your gargantuan green crystals, stoic space elevators and dangerous debris provided new spaces for our Spartans to explore and congregate.

Through you we were able to choose the “Extraction” gametype. On Wreckage I had my statistically best game ever. These are experiences you made possible.

While you are gone as a playlist, your maps and all their glory will live on through matchmaking, spread out among the playlists that Halo fans frequent. Let us hope that players are wise enough to choose you when the time comes.

Long live Halo. Long live Crimson!

And now, Team Crimson:

Fireteam Crimson, your first tour of duty is over. We know you well, because you’re us. Yet there were surprises to be had this first season – from Havesters to Janus Keys, you kept us guessing.

Your first half was warm with introductions, but the last half lit the fire of awesome as Fireteam Crimson went to new locations and fought battles steeped with more consequence.

May your banner fly again in Season 2, oh team of a rich deep red color inclining to purple.

Long live Fireteam Crimson. Huzzah!


>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]

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