Right where the community needs it to be

On the cusp of shipping its latest map pack for a Halo game, Certain Affinity’s Clopper frames the new maps as a community-driven effort because Majestic’s maps are a something of a counterbalance to the larger maps unveiled so far.

I think it’s a nice counter to some of the larger maps where things are a little more leisurely,” he said. “In these maps, the intensity level that some of the people are experiencing is right where the community needs it to be.

-Mike Clopper, lead level designer at Certain Affinity in this article found on Polygon

We’re getting closer to the release of the Majestic Map Pack (due out on 2/25) and with a now steady stream of screens and videos (check out Waypoint) consider my appetite whetted.

I was looking forward to the new maps before, but when we get tangible media to gawk at the excitement gets turned up. Really looking forward to them!

The above quote from the Polygon article struck me as to what (I would guess) would be one of the great joys of working in the gaming community – collaboration on something you love. Teams working together from different studios on a project where each side pushes the other to create a better play space that people can enjoy.

For most of us I would assume, that represents a vital component to what we would consider a “dream job” – collaborative effort on something you care about.


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