We are the Giants now*

According to the UNSC Infinity briefing packet found in the Limited Edition of Halo 4, February 21st is Infinity Day – a celebration of the ship’s christening for service as the flagship of the UNSC.

UNSC Infinity (aft)

And I bet you thought today was just a regular ol’ Thursday. Oh, you were wrong my friend … so wrong 😉

But seriously, how did you celebrate? Get pulled into a Forerunner Shield World? Play temporary home for Dr. Catherine Halsey? Whatever it was, I’m sure it was festive.

Per the same briefing packet mentioned earlier there was a speech by the Captain and Infinity-themed cupcakes served in honor of the big day.

Nice to know humanity will enjoy that comfort food well into the 26th century.

* = Taken from the Halo 4 Infinity Intro video


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