Majestic Context – quick breakdown of where we’re at

As I’ve mentioned before, the fictional setting for the Halo multiplayer maps has always excited me just as much as the new gameplay experiences they bring.

“I can take out fools in a new space? Great. I can take out fools in a new space related to the overall Halo story? Awesome!”

So to celebrate the release of the new Majestic Map Pack, let’s take a look at where the carnage will take place:



Located in the same star system (Epsilon Eridani) as Reach, the planet Tribute is a UNSC inner colony world that already has some Halo fiction tied to it.

Those who are familiar with Contact Harvest will remember Sergeant Major Avery Junior Johnson’s engagement against the Insurrectionists as part of OPERATION TREBUCHET in the opening scene of the book – that action took place on Tribute.

The city the Infinity’s War Games is simulating in the background is Casbah (or Casbah City), Tribute’s capital city.

For more fictional tie-ins, please check out Halopedia’s article.



To commemorate fallen Warrior-Servants during the Human-Forerunner War, the Didact had monuments (such as this one) built.

Based on the recent Halo Bulletin, this particular monument is located in the asteroid belt near the planet Sothra Hakkor – a core world of the ancient human empire.

Between battles with my fellow Spartans, I’ll be gazing at the skybox above and imaging those battles from so long ago …



Wars destroy, but people often rebuild. After the chaos of the Covenant War construction is taking place in the capital of Cascade – the city of Mindoro.

A new space elevator is going up and the Spartan-IVs are using the site beyond its original intention – as infantry combat training.

Should the unthinkable happen and war find its way to Cascade again, the Spartans will have plenty of real experience on what is sure to be vital spaceport for Mindoro’s populace.

Good hunting on Majestic!


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