HBOhio – the Halos of yesteryear

Just finished a Lowball game on The Pit and we’re there are some technical issues, so that gives me a moment to get in a quick update.

We played Halo 2 this morning (started around 10:45am) and it was great to play on some of those maps; Capture the Flag on Coagulation, Slayer on Ascension – it’s good to be back 🙂

This LAN was worth it just to have Halo 2 up again and listen/watch the menu. Really brings back the first moment I booted the game up.

Then it was lunch at City Barbecue where there was a sauce – not kidding – called “Blazing Rectums”. There’s really nothing to say after that.

Yes! We skunked “Danger Zone” – the name for the team playing upstairs – in CTF on Valhalla. It was cool to go into the map and feel right at home, after playing Ragnarök all the time.

Now an epic game on Avalanche one of my favorite maps from Halo 3. It’s good to see the Hornet again, man cannons, and vehicles with snow on them. Yep – love the snow.

In closing this update, it should be noted there in an entire bowl of M&Ms ready for the taking. 🙂


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