HBOhio – Fuel Rod!

It’s the morning after and the real world is calling, but I have to mention the best part of last night – finished 2nd in a Halo 3: ODST Firefight tournament (66,947 points in 15 minutes) and it was fantastic.

H3ODST Firefight Crater

It’s the teamwork and intensity you can’t get unless you have a LAN – here are a few audio samples in written form:


“Where are they where are they?”

“I’m out of ammo!”

“Fuel rod! Fuel rod!”

“I’m down!”

“Back up, back up!”

See what I mean? Fantastic! It’s a great example of what has made this LAN so great.

I’ll have a bigger write-up later – and let me know if anyone is interested in some ODST Firefight when I get back, I’ve been bit and want more!


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  1. I’m jealous. 😛

    I’d love to play ODST some time. ODST Firefight is most fun you can have in the entire series in my opinion. Reach’s was pretty good, but it was missing something. Can’t really explain it.


    1. Slinger! Good to hear from you man!

      I didn’t have the game when it was in its prime, so the ODST firefight experience was something I didn’t get to have in all it’s glory.

      At least, not until now. I wish you could have been there! Once I win the lottery (that I don’t play) I’m going to fly you and everyone else in the group over for a British Invasion of a different kind 🙂


  2. Aw man. So very jealous right now. I love ODST firefight I think it trumps reach FF in every way. The Hero medal especially felt that much more epic. Me, Quim, Spacca and Crinbot spent so many hours trying to hit the VidMaster challenge and the moment we finally hit it is one of most memorable gaming moments.

    Glad you’ve had what sounds like such an epic time at these thing. Makes me yearn for the old 8 console set-ups from the original Xbox days.


    1. Thanks for the comment – and I wish you could be here! (See my comments to Gunslinger above about the next British Invasion that needs to take place.)

      I really enjoyed Reach firefight, it was all I had known so I can’t put that down – but the ODST flavor is a who other beast and I loved it as well. The intensity was … well … intense 🙂 I’ll be chasing that feeling for a while!


  3. “Drones!”

    “If you’ve got SMGs, move forward and light ’em up! Pistols stay back and go for headshots!”

    “Hunters! Watch that fuel rod!”

    “Snipers in courtyard, moving left!”

    “Snipers down!”

    “Stalkers right!”

    “Right clear!”

    “Oh s*** I’m stuck!!!”


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